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Hello it's me again. What kind of diet should I be following? Does anyone have any information. When I ask my doctor he tells me I can eat anything I want. I don't believe it and I don't want to put anything in my body that cancer will strive on. Any ideas or suggestions or sites that I can go to will be appreciated.

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Hi Sue:

I am a newbie here, diagnosed 2 weeks ago and am trying to figure out the same thing you are.

What I've found so far are:
1. Mushroom extract - improves your immune system and turns on your body's killers cells. Yes, our immune system can be our best weapon to fight cancer instead of just bring the victim to chemotherapy. Please read the following link on the mushroom extracts. http://www.recoverymedicine.com/immune_fx_article.htm#cancer.

I can find the mushroom extract from my local Whole Foods store.

2. Brocolli sprouts - Find out how you can benefit from brocolli without eating 250lbs of it everyday.


3. Wheat grass juice - See http://www.sproutpeople.com/seed/wheatgrass.html.
Nature's plasma.

4. I've ordered a book Beating Cancer With Nutrition - Revised by Patrick Quillin, as recommended by someone else on this web site. I look forward to more information from the book.

5. Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices: What's Missing in Your Body? by Dr. Norman Walker.

I don't know a lot right now and wish I can help more. These are what I've found so far. If I find anything else I'll let you know.

Yes JerseySue, you CAN eat way to health and I'll be there with you!!!

Good luck to you!


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Hi Sue.funny bout that. Doc's have a strange way of looking at nutition from a good point of view but I really suspect saying you can eat anything is basically telling you in a round about way that your insides will cope with anything. Probably true but nonetheless there are good and bad eating habits. I went for the vegie and salad menues..less meat, and a variety of fruit. Oh..btw...I am known on here for my advocation of kiwi fruit but thats a personal choice. The number one regime that gets a big plus here is juicing but I am sure that Emily will reply....if not then I suggest you search many of the posted topics on juicing.Most of us also found that rather than 3 large meals a day we opted for smaller meals and more of them. Snacking in between meals has never been considered the right way to eat but if one has been thru surgery or chemo it is the only way to go....but...with the right foods, not the stuff one normally refers to as "snacks".
cheers, Ross and Jen

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I agree with JADot...Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillin is the best book to start with.

Lisa P.

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My liver surgeon told me the same thing...Eat what ever you want. I don't think that is good advice especially for those of us that have experienced colon cancer.

You just can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

I have never battled my weight, but this may have worked against me... Before I found out about the cancer, I ate all the fried food, ice cream, soft drinks, and anything else unhealthy in portions as big as I wanted.

I still have cancer, but I believe I have significantly slowed down it's progress by the following changes:
No high sugar soft drinks AT ALL (much easier than I thought it would be...I drink either water or stevia sweetened lemonade with meals)
I eat virtually nothing fried any more.
I don't eat shellfish since they are high in copper (It's a long story, but I'm taking ammonium tetrathiomolybdate (TM) that reduces the copper in your body. When you have cancer, your body is tricked into increasing copper to grow new blood vessels)
Very little red meat.
I eat chicken from Whole Foods that is pesticide and hormone free.
No ice cream.
I eat butter instead of margarine (Many studies show that margarine (man-made concoction not found in nature) is much less healthy than butter)
No almond joys, jelly bellies, hershey bars, or any cakes laced with sugar and margarine...you get the idea. (I miss this stuff!)

I start almost every morning with a bowl of organic rolled oatmeal, with REAL fresh or frozen cherries, blueberries, 1/2 apple, pecans. I used to hate this stuff, but now I really like it.

I plan to get seeds that haven't been genetically tampered with and have a huge garden this summer and can and freeze almost all of my food.... Call me crazy, but I don't think hardly ANYTHING in the grocery store is fit to eat, with all the homogenization, pasteurization, radiation, genetic modification, and highly processed stuff there is.

I tried juicing and vegetarian for about 4 months and my cancer grew like crazy... I think the carrot juice had so much sugar in it that it accelerated the cancer growth... I do think that carrots have a lot of good stuff in them, if only the good stuff could be extracted without the sugar.

It's a fact that heating food for human consumption in a microwave oven is illegal in Russia. Studies in Russia showed that it destroyed nutritional components and did other nasty things to what they heat. It may be OK, but I don't take the chance anymore. I use stainless steel cookware or glass and heat stuff in the oven... It just takes a little planning ahead.

Just remember, you are what you.... digest.

Sorry I wrote a manifesto.

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Tony will you come cook for me? Sue

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The docs will always tell you to eat anything..it saves them the trouble of working out a diet they might be responsible for.. beyond that, there are as many answers as food groups. One thing you need is a good nutritionist or natural food expert
to give you some kind of direction. From there it's still trial and error to find what is just right for you. I'm sure Emily will weigh in here..

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