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Weight loss

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My pa has rectal cancer and has yet to start chemo. He is post surgery 10-27-05(see previose thread).In the summer July 2005 My pa wt. was 220. now he is 159 any ideas on what to give him to increase wt?

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Hi. My dad lost over 20 pounds when he went on chemo and the Dr told him to drink Ensure. It is a drink with 250 calories. He drank it two times a day and he started to gain his weight back. Some people dont agree with that because it contains sugar. Mindy Best of luck to him.

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Hi- My husband has lost over 25 pounds in less than 2 months- he has no appetite with the folfiri and avastin so he has finally agreed to supplement what he eats..I got Ensure Plus (it has extra calories at 355 per container)- not sure about the sugar etc- but do know that he needs the calories to live...I read that more people die from malnutrition from cancer than the actual cancer so I guess we will take our chances with the sugar??? When does he start chemo?

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I might also enlist his docs. Do you actually see him consuming a fair amount of food? Is he depressed? What is his actual intake of calories? Maybe a dietician can spur him to consume more.....his doc can refer and maybe his insurance will cover the appointmant. This must be incredibly scary for you...to be a caregiver and feel somehat helpless. Ask for help from your docs and see if noticing your dad's moods might give you some info about his eating. Hoping tha some answers come your way soon - Maura

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