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Abscess anaostomies/pro-biotics

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My pa was dx with rectal cancer, July 2005. He had 5 weeks chemo and radiation before surgery 10-27-05. A few days after surgery he developed an ileus/abscess at the tumor removal site. An ER surgery was done to irrigate and drain the abscess. My pa was doing o:k after that. He went home and since then he has had chronic problems. hypotension lowest being 50/40, decreased appetite, dehydration, tachycardia and dizzy spells. We have been to the ER very often. He usually is admitted then released then symtoms come back. All this time we have been going to the same ER. Recently this past tuesday he was admmited to a different ER do to our location at that time. The Dr's did a series of test only to find out the abscess has returned. They drained the abscess with a needle aspiration and are continuing to drain it with a drain. 500ml of fluid + has been drained so far. Has anyone had any of these complications? My pa had 17/17 + lymph nodes and unable to start chemo becouse of these complications. I am very worried.Also has anyone heard of pro-biotics?

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I am sorry your father is struggling with so many complications. I was hospitalized twice with an ileus/blockage at my resection site. I recently started probiotics and they are wonderful. They have solved my constipation problem. I wish I had known about them earlier.



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