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Just not my old self since surgery --

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O.k., I know this is "normal," but while I've been feeling better physically, my emotional/mental state is NOT what it used to be! I know there are a lot of bio- changes that follow a radical hysterectomy, but it's hard to deal with. I've always tried to be positive, supportive, etc., but I just don't seem to have the "reserves" to dip into. I returned to work this week (4 wks. post surgery) -- what a nightmare! I was good for about 1/2 the day, but by the afternoon my patience and nerves were wearing thin (thank God my co-workers are super!). I hate feeling so snappy and on edge.

I quit taking the estrogen (due to other risk factors), and have been taking some of the OTC vitamin supplements instead. I just feel like I want to curl-up at home and be quiet. Trust me, I am grateful that things went to well for me re: treatment, but now I'm ready to get back in the groove . . .

I'd appreciate any words of wisdom on this. When do I get my "old self" back? Thanks!

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Hi, I am about 7 weeks postop and your experience sounds very similar to mine. Don't know your age but remember your body has gone through a very radical change and sudden menopause is different and more abrupt than standard menopause that would span a 6 to 10 year time period. I starting feeling noticeably better emotionally around 6 weeks but if you don't you might want to discuss with your dr. Be patient with yourself.

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Hi. I had a radical hysterectomy but kept my ovaries. After surgery my ovaries went into shock and sent me on a rollercoaster ride of hormone ups and downs that I could not believe. Besides the actual depression that comes along with losing part of who you are, it is tough. It took about 10 weeks for me to feel better but I still had some bouts of depression due to the loss of not being able to have kids. Hang in there. Look to the things that made you strong while you were going through this and pull strength from them. It will get better.

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Hi, I am new here-, and I have always thought I miss something in me after all I have been through (surgery, chemo & radiation) and I feel so lonely at times-. It's been over a year since I was diagnozed and I still don't think I am the same as the "old" me ... It's nice to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. Thank you- Hugs to you all.

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