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Nov 28 was my daignosis of ovarian cancer, right ovary. I had a partial hysterectomy, because there was a mass around the colon and it couldn't be removed right then.3 cycles of chemo recommended then surgery.
I'm right now a week away from my first chemo treatment 12/22 and am having a tough time with my digestive system.
I can only keep down ice chips and Gatorade. Let me know what you did during your treatment that helped keep you hydrated and nourished.

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I'm sorry you are having a tough time. These situations are never easy. But here are some things I did to help me out - hope it helps you too.

Chemo is cummulative, so that means with each treatment you may start to notice more and more possible side effects. You will become dehydrated, and may not feel like eating at all. I relied on nutritional supplements such as MetRx protein bars, shakes, and good old fashioned ice water. I would take the bars with me to chemo (my treatments lasted 8 hours), break little bits off to eat, and drank sips of ice water. No need to eat the whole bar all at once. Eating small, more frequent meals is better for everyone. I also used the MetRx Protein Plus as a shake, which can be made with water, milk or even ice cream. The ice cream can sometimes settle the stomach. Try to stay away from caffiene.

Teas can be helpful for that 'yucky' feeling. Chamomile and peppermint are good. Some people have good results with ginger. Sip slowly. DON'T FORGET HIGH FIBER FOODS! You may be more prone to constipation and your doctor can also give you something like Colace or anything as a softener. But keep up liquids - water, low sugar juices (sugar in general is not good for cancer). Ocean Spray has a great line of juices that are made with Splenda, so they have less sugar. Cran/Grape and Cran/Raspberry are my favorites - lots of antioxidants in those too.

Munch on raw veges or even cooked. Those mini carrots are good (they are small so they don't seem so overwhelming to chew). Apples are filled with fiber, magnesium and pectin (great for the stomach). Try some oatmeal, even as a snack. It also has fiber, and Cream of Wheat is good too. I even mix some of the protein powder in with that, as it has other nutrients as well.

Your doctor can give you something to help with any nausea (I had Zofran). I'm sure there are tons of options. I also kept a tin of Altoids handy. They are peppermint and helped to settle my stomach at times. Don't forget vitamin and mineral supplements.

Chemo can also cause mouth sores, which will make it difficult to eat. Oral preparations like Orabase and Zilactin (over the counter) are very helpful. They coat the sores and then you can eat. Chemo can also cause a funny taste in your mouth, or eliminate your tastebuds alltogether. Nonetheless, try to eat and drink to keep up nutritional support. Again, even little bits at a time - no need to sit down to a huge meal all at once.

I hope this will help you. Feel free to write again and let us know how you are doing, and if you have any other questions. You will be in our prayers. Remain positive, try to eliminate the negatives in your life (don't listen to the depressing news, prioritize your goals and responsibilties, don't be afraid to let someone help you). Please keep in touch!


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