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As I posted earlier I had surgery on April 28 and they were unable to remove turmor(s) or do hysterectomy because of position of tumors. Had 8 rounds of carbo/paxil. Tumors shrunk 39%. December 1st had my surgery. Surgeon said he was amazed at what he found and that he was able to remove ALL of the tumors as well as complete hysterectomy. Went as far as telling my family to go and celebrate. surgery only took 45 minutes.

Went to see my family dr. two weeks ago and she had pathology report and it basically said that tumors were chemo "killed" and that some cancer found in ovaries but all other biopsy were negative. I was originally under the impression that I had stage III but when I asked my dr. if this was stage I (since it's only in and outside of ovaries) she said yes it was stage I.

I was so elated to hear this but after a few days I started to question her responds. I have not seen the oncologist yet...both my family doctor and surgeon said to wait till after the holidays as there is not urgency. So I still don't know if I will need more chemo (surgeon said he did not see why but that we should wait and see what oncologist says). Am I making to much of this...should I just take this as good news? I'm I right to assume this is stage 1 if it has not spread anywhere else? Why did they think and treat it as stage III originally. Does the size and type (my is sereous carcinoma)determine the stage. Can stage change after surgery and biopsy?

I'm putting off seeing the oncologist because he's not the most optimistic person and I am the worst pessimist so between the two of us I will probably get even more depressed.

Any words of wisdom?

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Gagliat, If I were you I would celebrate! Sounds like they got it all. I am stage IIIC, mine had moved into the abdomen,they also removed my omentum and appendix.
My doctor is an optimist which is great he believes in miracles. My surgery was suppose to take 6-8 hrs it only took 2 1/2
Pray helps me, good music, and I have found that it is a fact that the joy of the Lord is my strength!
They also have stats on this web site and web pages you can go to to read peoples story. I also go to the chat, lots of great people.
You will be in my prayers,and I would defiantly CELEBRATE! Jan

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I would want to talk to the onocologist and see what they have to say. Was the doctor who peformed the surgery an oncologist? I was staged as 1c, which meant that the tumor had burst but there was no indication that the cancer had spread to other places, and the lymph nodes that were taken were clear.

If you look on the American Cancer Society's main page on the web, you should be able to find out information about how cancer tumors are staged, and they even have suggestions for questions to ask your doctors. The tools are there for you to use for free.

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