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Brachy Therapy near term side effects

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It has been three weeks since seed implants. First 12 days were ok. Then I started to have difficulty urinating especially at night. I have strong contractions with little or no urine production. Then it seems to get better. It seems that cold weather exacerbates symptoms. Any similar experience?

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My husband was diagnosed with PC may 7th. He's scheduled to have brachy therapy June 12th.I'm glad to find someone on here who's had the same procedure. I hope you're doing well. Any tips you can share for my husband. He's been working out of state and I'm trying to get him to have the treatment here, so I can be with him. How were you after the implant? Were you up and about or did you have a recovery period? My husband doesn't think he'll need me coddling over him. Good luck to you and thanks for any info you care to share.

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I received seed implants in May 2008 at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In conjunction with the ACS I'm starting a prostate cancer support group in York County SC. It would be easlier to discuss the brachytherapy experience by telephone than electronically. If you, or you and your husband, would like to call me, my office number is (803)802-8001.

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I had brachy therapy in January of 2008 and wish the two of you the best as you travel this road. One tip I'd give your husband is to come home for the procedure, he is not going to feel 100% for several days at a minimum and he WILL need your coddling. :)


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