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What now?

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After 12 years of NED, my recent blood work was not good. I had an abdominal and liver scan today, now have to wait a week for the results. My CEA has risen to 8 just out of the blue and I have lost 5 kilos without trying. Wish I could loose 20 more, I would feel a lot more healthy. Had a chest x-ray which came back normal except for a slightly enlarged heart. I have an appointment to see a new Specialist on January 25th. I have just been very tired and had huge night and day time sweats. I just hope after all this time my CEA is elevated for a reason other than the dreaded CA. Foxy.

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Please try not to worry too much -there are plenty of other explanations. Let us know how you get on and try and enjoy Christmas. Jo

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Congratulations on 12 years of NED. I'm sorry you are having to wait so long for your scan results. It's great that your chest x-ray was normal. Try and enjoy the holiday season. Let us know when you hear something.


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I can understand your concern, but there certainly could be other explanations. I know how hard the waiting for results can be. I will be thinking of you as you go through this difficult time, and sending prayers and best wishes your way.

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Good luck mate ,I'm praying for you,Ron.

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You are a twelve year winner. Let's hope for twelve more! Good luck! I hope it's nothing.

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Thank you all for your kind wishes. Had one of those dreaded black tarry episodes in the loo this morning, points to upper GI, maybe just a one only thing, I hope so. Foxy.

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