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I have a daughter who will be 3 the day after christmas. on december 3rd. we noticed like a swelling behind her knee. that monday we took her to doctor he said not to worry about it. now it has gotten bigger and is from the back of her knee to the front little smaller than a baseball. there is no discoloration, and no pain. is this something i should worry about. i keep thinking it could be a tumor with cancer. has anyone ever heard of anyone having anything like this . i know i am a paranoid mother, but i need to know. please if you have any info let me know..... nina

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GET A SECOND OPINION. If you know something is wrong and it is getting bigger you should insist on some sort of biopsy or CT scan or something to determine what it is. Even if it is just a cyst you at least know what it is. That is peace of mind at least. No price can be put on that. Don't let any doctor tell you otherwise.


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I was wondering if you ever got the second opinion? As a mother you should always follow your gut feelings with your child. I hope everything worked out for you and your child...Shelby

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