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My father was dignosed with brain cancer about two months ago. He is very crazy and unable to sleep. Please advise on any solutions.


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    what i would do is ask the doctor to prescribe something to make him relax so he could rest or you could if he can to use headsets with soothing music if he is able to lay down.that is what i usually did i think your dad is facing anxity because of the diagnosis more than anything else.ialso read the bible to bring security back to my thinking pattern.i have a personal web page in the network you might want to read that could help your dad let me know.
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    need more info, what kind of tumor, what are doctors doing or suggesting. I had trouble sleeping and I am survivor of class 3-4 astrocytoma brain tumor, removed july 07. no more headaches and sleep with help from meds. doig well. get to talking with the doctors, don't be paranoid, get him some help.there are survivors like me there that are doing better after surgery and treatment. God heals! I am proof!!