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Symptoms of recurrance

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Hi everyone! I'm a 38 mom of 2 and I'm about six months post radical hysterectomy with subsequent radiation and chemo. The docs talk about recurrance in my lungs and vagina as potential problems and I was wondering if anyone out there knew what symptoms to watch out for on either of these?

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I had surgery Sept 03. With a recurrence in Dec. 04. the only symptom I had was pain in my back that radiated to my hips. it felt just like a UTI. But when my urine came back clean, a pelvic exam was done and the tumor was spotted then. I have done chemo and radiation to include internal implants and now am in the throes of radiation proctitis.

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HI I was treated for stage 3 and I often ask the docs about my lungs etc. and they will not do a chest exray. It has been a year since my treatment. One Onc. said if it is going to come back most likely it will spread from bottom to the top? You said your Onc. said watch out for the lungs, and two even one from Dana Farber in Boston said that it is rare for it to go to the lung. I did not believe that, but that was her response. I worry about that all the time. email me coffeegals2004@yahoo.com

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I cannot believe that your doctors won't send you for a chest xray if that's what you have requested. They should respect your input into your own medical treatment. If you want an xray, you should get one. I am a 4 year cervical cancer survivor (and a very grateful one). For the first 2 years, I had a CT scan of the abdomen and a chest xray every 6 months. Now, I have a CT scan once a year and a chest xray every 6 months. I request these and my doctors know that it will give me some peace of mind. My doctors say that as the lung tissue is similar to that of the cervix, the lungs are the next logical place for the cancer to show up. Are you happy with your doctors? Could you look around for another oncologist? I wish you well.

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