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Update from Dr visit

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I saw the Dr yesterday, my tumor markers are up, they are at 142 as of Wednesday. I am still in the study, we are going to give it one more month and if they have not reversed direction, I will start on the drug Gemzar. My hair is just starting to fall out so maybe the small daily doses are just starting to work. I have more fluid in my abdomen (now we know why the increased bladder problems) and we also found out I have a decreased lung capacity on the left side, so now I know why I have been feeling a little short of breath... especially the walk to the mailbox. :-0 I thought dang it is tough to be aging so fast lately! They took a chest x-ray but said they probably will not call me with results; just want to see what is going on. After my next visit, I will have another CT scan.

I am still trying to be positive and keep the negative energies out of my body; I guess it has made me a little restless. A person hears the news and stays positive, then a reality check hits and you weep a bit, or at least seems like I do. BUT then you get positive, give thanks to the Lord for another day and continue to live.

I wish the news was better, but at least I am still here getting ready for Christmas, quilting like crazy, and we are almost finished shopping... life is good. :-)

God bless you all and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Prayers and hugs


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Sorry to hear that the doctor couldn't give you better news. I'm also sorry if you mentioned this earlier, but what exactly is the issue with the lungs? I've had a 'nodule' show up in my one lung for a couple of years and the doctor always says 'don't worry about it'. Makes me wonder if he's says we 'have bigger fish to fry' than to worry about something that small. Anyway, I've been getting my 'low points' lately, especially since the colonoscopy and surgery date have been set. So, I truly understand those weak moments. They're scary sometimes when your thoughts begin to run wild. Then we always try to come back to what the 'truth' is and His peace in us.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many of us, to be going through so much but still find the energy and time and let us know how things are going, and bring some hope to our lives. It's a good time of year to keep you occupied, but don't overdo. Take care.

P.S. Jesus is DEFINITELY the reason for the season and the reason we are here to enjoy it!

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I hope that your CA125 does start responding and you start to feel better. My cousin is on Gemzar and it is working on her. She looks and feels good. She is on her 2nd recurrance. She also says that Gemzar is nothing compared to Carboplatin and Taxol. Just in case, I thought that you might want to know how it has affected her. I just got back from M D Anderson with a good check-up. I think that I just had the one year gidders. Wishing you the best of luck! Your still in my prayers! Paula

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