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your best diarrhea treatments?

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taking a survey to see how you all manage diarrhea and cramping. The oxaliplatin is really doing a job on me. the diarrhea starts about 2 days after the infusion. It lasts 3-4 days. The cramping is really uncomfortable. I'm up to 8 imodium per day and pulled out some lomotil that i had left over from 2 years ago(i know, I know...too old, but I was desperate). Just looking for anything that you all might have found helpful. I thought there was something that would help the cramping, but can't remember. I will be talking to the onc on wed (when i'm due for more oxaliplatin:-(, but i have a feeling i'll get more help from you guys:-)

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Back when I was receiving 5FU + Avastin and Oxaliplatin I used to get horrible, horrible diarrhea. It was so horrible because it came out with a burning sensation, like it was 500 degrees (and then there was also an anal fissure, and this combo was pure hell). Anyway, Loperamide (Immodium AD or comparable generic) was useless. Lomotil was better, but the best solution for me was Paregoric. I think that Paregoric is a morphine-based medication. It is a syrup with a ghastly taste, but it should do the job (and you'll have a nice nap, too).

I hope this helps you. Oh, and of course it is prescription only.


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For the cramping, etc, prescription Levbid, 375mg worked for me. Dietarily, rice water really helps. Cook a few teaspoons of long-cooking rice in a cup of water until the water is thick and white. Drink the water, toss the rice. The starch will help bind the contents of your intestines. Works WAY better than imodium.

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I feel your pain. What sometimes worked for me was 8 lomotil a day. I know this is more than the rec. dose, but our diarrhea is not normal. I took them 2 at a time all day long. When that no longer worked I added tincture of opium. It tasted like bad cough syrup. I took that several times a day. It did not affect my mental status at all. I was able to work everyday. Also when things were really bad I even tried sandostatin sc. It was weird to give myself an injection, but I did it. Let me know how you are doing.


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