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Hello. I'M New Here

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...and happy to have found this forum where questions seem to actually be answered rather then just asked. It's obviously not a happy day when you join a lung cancer forum. My father had a mass discovered in his left lung on the 23rd of November during a routine x-ray for a suspected cracked rib. He had a cat scan immediately following and yesterday he had his first meeting with the Thoracic surgeon who reviewed the scan. Although I was there at the appointment, I didn't go into the actual meeting. My dad said that the surgeon said it (presumably the scan) looked pretty grim and that he did not hold out much hope. The mass fills most of his left lung with *clusters* of spots below it. The doctor told him that the mass was coming dangerously close to his rib and at the top a mass was extending towards the right lung. There are also clusters of spots on the right lung. The doctor apparently said that he believed all the spots, on either lung, were malignant based on their appearance. My dad is scheduled for a bronchoscopy tomorrow. My question would be, is it reasonable for the doctor to be speaking so bleakly at this early stage? Can that much be determined from looking at a cat scan? My dad said he liked the doctor and that he was friendly....could my dad just have been hearing whatever was actually said in a much more negative light then was actually presented to him? Even if my dad isn't a candidate for surgery right now, isn't chemo and or radiation always an alternative? These options were not apparently discussed at all yesterday. Any help or insight that can be provided would be so appreciated. Thank You.

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Hi, and welcome to CSN. Yes, unfortunately, we meet here under some of the worst circumstances. But there are many caring, knowledgeable cancer patients and caregivers here, who are very happy to try to assist you. You can look up my personal web page under "Greatful Survivor" or "Plymouthean". Got to the main page, click on "Personal Web Pages, scroll down to search criteria, and enter those words. That will save you having to read about me here. In my experience, I have found that doctors are extremely cautious about lawsuits, - specifically misdiagnosis of cancer. I find that they tend to overemphasize the seriousness of any given case. I was initially diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, stage 3a. I was considered inoperable and incurable. I was given "aggressive" chemo and radiation treatments, and then surgery to remove the tumor. That was May through October, 2001. I'm still here, cancer free, four years later! A lot will depend on your dad's response to treatment. Rule #1, - don't give up! Try to help your dad have a positive attitude. I believe that 99.9% of the people on this website feel that a positive attitude is the first requirement, going into treatment. With your dad's permission, go right into the exam room with him when he has an appointment. I always had someone with me, whether it was my wife, a neighbor, etc. Most/all doctors welcome you there, because the patient doesn't always understand and/or remember everything he/she is told. Explain that to your dad when you ask for his permission. When you are with him and the doctor, ask questions that you may have. (It's always a good idea to write your questions on a sheet of paper as you think of them. Sometimes you won't remember to ask if you don't have it written down. Don't hesitate to write down the answers, also, so that you remember everything correctly. It's also very important that you talk to your father about this illness. Don't know what to say? Don't worry, - be frank and honest. This is no time for "pussyfooting around" the subject. At first, things may seem to be going too slow. Be patient. The tests take time. That's my best advice at this time. I'm sure others will respond also. Come back again, and keep us posted. I'm also available at ernplym@adelphia.net. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your dad. Ernie

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There is always hope when being diagnosed with any kind of cancer. Absolutely, chem and radiation are definite treatments. I have been cancer free for over three years now from lung cancer and have a very optimistic onocologist. I will put you and your family in my prayers. Feel free to ask me any kind of questions. Let me know what kind of lung cancer your father has. The bron. will let you know what kind he has. Take care and again please feel free to ask me anything.


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my bf was brought to the emergency 4 days ago because of difficulty breathing,chest pain,and headache...n the doctor has found a golf ball size tumor in his right lung...im pretty sure its lung cancer right after reading all the symptoms here in the internet...i dont know what to think...pls help...i need support...

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