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Still waiting on scans....

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Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had some good food and shared some love with great people. I know my blessings have been kept close to heart since diagnosis. To still be here, having the opportunity to fight, never having achieved a remission is such a blessing. I know how lucky I am and give thanks every day. The good news is my semester is over on Tuesday (I'm in the process of whipping up a 12 page paper in two days... UMM... Have I procrastinated???) and I feel so blessed to have been healthy to attend my first semester of grad school. I am still waiting for scans this week so if the prayers could keep going, that would be SOOO great. I'm really banking on a PERFECTLY CLEAR BRAIN SCAN (well, I want to see a brain with nothing else on or in it!) and a STABLE lung scan. Abdomen, pelvis and bones are being checked later in the month. Re-staging sucks, so I need some prayers, strength, and heaps of DENIAL to get through the next week.

You are all in my heart and prayers. Livestrong and be well my friends. Life is beautiful!


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Hi Andrea,
I had a great Tahnksgiving, it was a week where I did not get CPT11 so my tummy was ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you this week (and all weeks) for great scans. I have a CT scan this thursday and I think it will show more shrinkage of the mets in my lungs.
LIVESTRONG (and prosper)
Thanks for your comment to my question

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Absolutely you have my prayers for good scan results....you are such an inspiration! Good luck with the paper too!

Love, Ali

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Hello!! I haven't been on in a while. I was glad to hear that you are giving the old college try!! I'm glad that things are going well in Grad school!! I always waited till the last minute to get my papers done too. It is a real drag but when they are done it feels great. I think about you guys alot and praying for GREAT results!!!! I will try to check in more often to try and get caught up with everyone. I am usually outside doing something but I am taking today off as I about 70 hours of work this week and I am beat. Beside we had about 3" of snow overnight and about 6 more coming on Monday evening. I will find out how my Theropist likes to drive in the snow or not as my appointment is Monday evening. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am pulling for you!!!! Extra Hugs and Prayers and Rainbows coming your way!!!

Love Always,


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I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that you have good results..Hugs..Audrey

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Hi Andrea,

It is so good to hear from you! Your spirit and determination sounds as strong as ever!!!

Congratulations on completing your first semester of grad school. What an accomplishment!

I am visualizing, praying for, and believing in a clear brain scan for you as well as a stable or better lung scan. It will happen!!!

You are special and very loved.


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I am also finishing up my first semester of graduate school, and today I HAVE to start on a 5-7 page paper that is due tomorrow. So, I can relate to your procrastination in that regard. And I can also relate to being thankful for enough health to get through a semester of graduate classes (although I didn't always do it with grace). Anyway, I hope the best for you when you get your scans. I have to say that I love your general attitude, and I think it will probably work to your benefit.


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I will keep my fingers and toes crossed in hopes that you receive the much needed good news that you deserve. I will also add extra prayers for you.

You are an inspiration to everyone on this board. I admire your strength.


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Hey there girlfriend!!!!!!

As always, it is wonderful to hear from you and I just want you to know that I am just starting to design my purple outfit to wear to your graduation. NO I WILL NOT LOOK LIKE BARNEY. I am really hoping that SpongeBob will hold hands with me just he does Patrick.

Seriously, thank you for checking in with us and know that you never leave my thoughts and prayers.

Much love, Lisa P.

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Hey Andrea,
Good to hear from you, and you can bet you will be in my heart and prayers until we hear the results from your scans.
Keep up the good work and stay strong; you are a continued inspiration!

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((((((Sweet Baby Girl)))))))

dang woman, do you ever take a breather???

Here's hoping all's well on the brain scan and beyond.

you remain in my prayers. I hope you kick back and relax over your semester break!!!

peace, emily

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Hi Andrea:
I will be praying very hard for you that everything is ok...

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Hi Andrea, My Prayers are with you I hope all results are good. Keep the faith, strength and determination you have all ways had, there is hope.

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you have my prayers, and sending energy - which will be easier since I'm in North Idaho now..Nanuk

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