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Well, it's official. I will have surgery, probably in January. This will be to remove a 'lymphocele' on the bowel. My CA125 had been climbing. Two months ago it actually dropped 4 points, but this last month it went up to 30. So, my doc is not comfortable with this lymphocele. Recent ct scans show nothing else (except for a nodule in my lung which he is not concerned about), so after having this for over a year it's time to take it out. However, it has not changed in size, which I suppose is good. I will also be scheduling a colonoscopy before the surgery. My mom had one, and she didn't seem to think it was too bad.

I'm not looking forward to surgery, even though my first went very well and I healed quickly. But I am continuing to eat well, exercise (just stepping everything up a bit), and keep my faith. Haven't told my three daughters yet, but will soon. This incision will not be the bikini cut, but vertical instead. Anyone who can give me their thoughts/experience with this type of surgery? I just want to get this over with and find out what's going on.

As always, hugs and prayers to everyone!


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Monika, I'm sorry to hear about the surgery, but it may just take care of the rising CA125. 30 isn't over the "normal" reading as I'm positive you know, so if it knocks that down a bit it'll be great.

I had a colonoscopy 2 years after my hysterectomy because of the possibility of colon cancer exists in my family (and after finding out that breast, ovarian, prostate, and colon cancers may be related to the BRCA gene defect). It was a breeze compared to some of the things I've been through, and now I know for sure I have a narrowing in my bowels due to my surgery.

Good luck with your surgery. You must have had a bikini cut for your first surgery. Now you will join those of us with "anchor" marks, as I've heard the combo bikini/vertical cut scars described. It's not all that bad...

Your prayers and hugs are coming back at you!

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Just wanted to add my well wishes for your surgery. You're being proactive, and even though it is scary, and frustrating, if you feel you're doing the right thing then go for it. I had the vertical cut, been trying to lessen the appearance of the scar with Vit E oil. We'll see how it works. Also the colonoscopy isn't so bad, the worst thing is the prep you have to drink before hand.

Good luck,

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Hi Monika, as you know I've had the vertical surgery 2 times, actually 3 if you count the uterine hysterictomy I had in 1973. It's not so bad, just make sure you walk..walk...walk after surgery to get yourself healing and everything moving. I can only imagine how nervous you must be but know with your faith and strength you'll do great. You are fortunate to have a proactive Dr. Don't worry about the colonoscopy as the prep is really the worst part of it.

My last one didn't go well but was told I have neuropathy of the colon and to come back and see him when I am ready for a colonostomy. :-) I recommend to start changing your diet a few days ahead instead of just one day ahead as seeds and things don't clean out of your colon well.

Let us know when the surgery date is set and know you are in all thoughts and prayers.

Prayers and Hugs


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Hey Mopar, good luck to you in January. I'll be thinking of you. You're in excellent hands. I saw our good doctor on Friday. Appt was for 2:20, got out of there at 11:00, and the waiting room was full! Women sign in and leave, and then get frustrated when they return because others with later appts who didn't leave are called in because they're gone. At least there's tv's in the room now. God bless.

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Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, support and hugs! Yes, as always I waited 'forever' for Dr. M. But several days later I went with my husband to his orthopedic doctor and the nurse there said that Dr. M performed surgery on her daugther for cervical cancer just 3 weeks ago. She doing fine and will not require chemo. So, this was another confirmation that I am going to the best around.

I will have my colonoscopy on 12/21, so I'll get back with all of you later.

Hugs and prayers to all!

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