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ALIMTA treatment ????

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Just wondering if anyone else is receiving ALIMTA on a 21 day cycle? I am a 60 year one male EX SMOKER that was diagnosed in May 05, with NSC stage 4 lung cancer with a 6cm mass in the left lower and a 3cm mass in the liver. I had 10 radiation treatments to start with, then Chemo. The Chemo cycle was one session of Carboplatin and Taxol, followed by 3 weekly sessions of Taxol by itself . Then a rest and re eval week, then start the sessions over, I have had 4 sessions. The good new is there are no new tumors but the lung mass shows very little change. In addition to the ALIMTA I get a B-12 shot every 9 days and taking Folic acid 1mg a day and Potassium 10meq a day. Another good point is the Chemo session are every 21 days as opposed to weekly and only take 10 min instead of 3 hrs. But the $64,000 question is, does it work ??????

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Hi, there,


I wonder if you can write to Lyli the manufacturer asking financial assistance Of Alimta. 


I will discuss alimta with my doctor as it is good for kras and pleural effusion according to some cases. cheer up. Friend. i have a stage iv relative, his doctor predicted he had 6 months to live, he still there after 10 years!  

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I have just starred my maintenance with alimta.  The Dr said my lung tumor as been shrinking with this treatment and the bones are stable,  I have 2 more treatments and then a ct scan to see if its still working.  You have to have a good feeling with the cancer and say u are going to kick it's ***.  Join inspire group too there are more story's on there for u.


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My husband started on alinita, Avastin and Paraplatin on the 21 day cycle about two weeks ago. His 3.7 centimetter tumor was removed and they were unable to remove the smaller ones around the pleural lining. It took 8 weeks in the lab befor they identified the cancer as K-Ras. After an hr in the internet I don't know anymore than I did when we started. I am just wondering now if they will change the course if treatment now that the cancer has been identified???? He has been treated at MD Anderson for the past few years.

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To my knowledge, the kras mutation does not have a targeted therapy.  As much as I discourage others from suggesting they check other sites, you will probably get useful info from the oncologists who monitor cancergrace.org

please let us know what they say. 

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