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I need some help

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My cancer surgery was June 24, about 6 months ago. I have recently been diagnosed with thyroid tumors and I need to have my thyroid removed. I also have a lump on the bone in my leg right below my knee that hurts terribly. My questions is when do you stop feeling that everything is cancer? I still don't feel very well, I'm nauseous all the time and I'm still have many menopausal symptoms. I do take an anti-anxiety med, but I still worry a lot. I would appreciate input especially from long-term cancer survivors. I just wonder when the fear ends.
Thanks for listening.

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Hi Cathy, I still wonder "is it back?" more than 3 years after my surgery, and it seems I feel mysterious lumps and sore spots every time I'm facing a doctor's appointment, even though I check out all right every time. I'm afraid that worrying is just part of the territory.

Could your thyroid situation be causing the nausea? Have you had any follow-up treatment after your surgery?

I know that I and many others worry a lot about our cancer coming back. I had taken yoga classes well before I was diagnosed, and found that the yoga breathing exercises were invaluable through my surgery and treatments, and still use it when I feel stressed. I highly recommend the practice!

I also meet with a support group. Meeting with women who have survived for years with cancer that was staged higher than mine gives me faith that I can do it, too.

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Thanks for the message. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who often feels worried that it will come back.
My thyroid problems may be causing the nausea, hopefully I'll know the answer to that soon. After my hysterectomy I had several external radiation treatments, but that was all. I have to go every 3 months for a pap smear and I'm glad they keep checking up on you.
I bought a meditation CD, maybe that will help with the stress.
Thanks again!

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Hi Cathy,
I was first dx'd with papillary carcinoma in '94.
Then dx'd with uterine in '99. So the reverse of your situation. And even after all these years I still find myself having moments when I "freak out". Please check out my webpage here, my story is long. I take xanax regularly for my anxiety. Please feel free to email me here if you have any questions!!!!

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