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hysterectomy after conization

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Diagnosed 11/7 with adenocarcinoma in situ, I had a conization on 11/18/05 and it came back with one quadrant not having clear margins plus the upper cervical(deep margin cervix had a 'small focus of tumor present at margins of sample'). The Dr is now saying he cannot do a hysterectomy for 6, preferably 8 weeks, due to the inflammation response and trauma done to the area (the surgery would be a radical hysterectomy-ovaries, fall tubes, uterus, cervix top inch of vagina - which he has special training to do vaginally. Has anyone heard of needing to wait so long before hysterectomy. I really want to get on with this and have a break from classes (college professor) 12/19-1/9 and not again until late April.... thanks.. Ruth

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HI Ruth. I too was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and had a radical hysterectomy although I did keep my ovaries. I also had a lymphandectomy 31 nodes. After my cone biopsy which was pretty extensive, the procedure actually took most of my cervix, I had to wait 6 weeks for my hysterectomy. Good luck with everything, if you need an ear I am here.

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I don't have "full blown" cervical cancer, but because of my hystory with cancer, I am receiving a hysterectomy tomorrow. I had to wait 8 weeks after the procedures the doc did to give the second diagnosis of my CINII and uterine tumors. He told me the same thing as what you were told, it sounds like. He wanted all of the swelling to be gone before he did the surgery. As a matter of fact, he had mistakenly told his nurse to schedule the surgery 4 weeks after the procedure, and when I went in for my pre-surgical visit, he immediately changed it to 4 weeks after that. I hope that all goes well for you. Good Luck!! Keep your spirits up, it will really pay off.

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