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Zena Warrior

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Hi dear friends....geeez...I hope tha glitch on here has taken a dive. I could not login for a while.
I just wanted to share with you all. I just got off the phone to Wanda and want to tell you how wonderfull it was to talk to her. I can tell from those 30 minutes that our warrior has an incredible sense f inspirational fortitude. Wanda has a joyfull voice filled with determination "that will beat tha livin daylights out of cancer".
I can tell from our conversation that you are NEVER going to let this crap beat you Wanda!

mmmmmmm.........now I gotta go do some housework or I will be in tha doghouse.I'll be back later to read all your posts. But for now a man's gotta do his fair share while Jen is away working.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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Hey Ross, I thought Zena Warrier was a Kiwi????? Got ya. Virginia.

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mmm...maybe I betta explain here Virginia. Just in case Wanda has no idea what you are referring too....lol!
Zena Warrior Princess was a serial on tv and the Zena gal was played by a New Zealander called Lucy Lawless. See.....I ain't dumb after all(actually Jen is tha brainy one...lol!)
Just thought I better tell you Wanda, just in case we threw you off!And of course Virginia would know that 'cos she is also a kiwi!
And for a moment I was also thinking of the Rainbow Warrior which is a New Zealand vessel.
Tks Virginia.

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Hey Ross.... Nope had no idea where the Kiwi came from. Ya got me...!!? But your right...the cancer isn't going to get me!! Thanks for your kind words. When I got off the phone with you... I cried ... & cried ... and cried.. You really touched my heart!! Thanks so much for making my day... even if ya caught me in the buff mate!!!!!

lol.... Xena

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