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taxotere. My mom has a reoccurance

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Hi Everybody,
Happy Thanksgiving to all! I posted a couple of weeks ago about my mom 's rising CA -125. The doctors at Columbia Pres. did a CT-Scan. They found two lesions on the liver. It is back to chemotherapy. My mom feels healthy and great so we are so shocked it came back. It just sucks that she has to go through chemo again. But I know she can live many years with this disease. I read about all of you and realize how many strong woman are out there fighting!!

My question is about taxotere and carbo. The first time she was on taxol and carbo. How is taxotere? As anybody had a remisson with taxotere?

Thanks for listening!

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So sorry to hear about your mom's recurrence. You are right with additional she will be here a long time yet and could get another remission. Lots of people do really well as taxotere as the next line treatment. It depends on how it worked the first time.

thanks so much for sharing and prayers and hugs to both of you.


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I finished a round of 6 treatments of carbo and taxotere in June and have held a steady ca 125 of 8 or less...remission!
This was for a recurrance of ovarian cancer and it was on the liver. The next ct scan will be in Jan and we'll see what happens then.
I also had taxol and carbo the first time around and felt physically strong when the cancer came back. That's a good thing, starting chemo strong. I am encouraged by the rapid response my body had to the chemo. Of course the side effects are awful but prolonging life was more important to me. It sounds like your Mom has a very good chance of recovering from this. And isn't she a lucky Mom to have you in her corner! All the best to you both!

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