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big, big belly

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I'm a 71 yr. old grandma who had a right lobe liver resection 6 mos. ago. I would be fine but my abdomen looks & feels 8 mos. pregnant, lots of heartburn, feel so bloated. Is this normal? Scan came out okay.

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I too have a huge belly! I was diagnosed with Epitheliod Angiosarcoma of the liver, on Valentines' Day-06. It was an accidental finding. I am in the final stage, and am not doing any treatments. I am under an Oncologyst care, and taking pain medication. I had an ultra sound done on my abdomen, just to see if my stomach was full of fluids. It was not. The doctor said there was nothing to do about my big belly. So, I went to a resale shop, and purchased several pairs of bibs, in different colors. They fit awesome, look great, and I can let it all hang out. This does not really bother me, as I have so much more to worry about, than what my stomach looks like. It actually is very uncomfortable, and would like some relief, if there is any that anyone knows of. Take care, and God Bless! This is my first time here. I feel so good reading all the stories, and knowing that I am not alone in this.

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