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Indiana Pouch

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I would love to talk with any women who have an Indiana Pouch. I had my radical cystestomy surgery on 10-05-05. I'm in my 7th week of recovery and have some questions. I'm currently voiding every 3 to 3-1/2 hours and not getting much sleep. Will I ever be able to sleep on my stomach again? How often should I irrigate? Where can I get the stoma bandages needed? The hospital sent me home with ONE bandage and no instructions for obtaining more. Good news, however, is that the cancer was contained and all was removed. Yippee! I'm just trying to adjust to this new way of life. I'm 47 and ready to get on with it.

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I am a 7 year survivor of bladder cancer and I have an indiana pouch. You are welcome to email me. I can also be found on web. I have a page. I know how you feel. That is about what I got when I left the hospital. I have learned a bit over the years.

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L Ramsey...I've sent you an email. Also, what is your web addess? I'd like to see your site.

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Hello - I am hoping you can help my father, he has had his Indiana pouch for about 8 years and he is suffering terribly with infections in the pouch. Have you experienced any types of infections associated with the pouch or have you heard of anything like this? Every time the infection strikes, it's a different stain of bacteria. He gets high fevers accompanied with uncontrollable chills. He has been in an out of the hospital for years now and still no cure for the infections. We're thinking as a family that perhaps he should have the surgery reversed and wear an external bag? Any insight you could provide will be very helpful. Thank you

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