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SCLC and my husband

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Hello I am new here I am a caregiver to my husband of 17 years,he was dx in June of this year with SCLC limited stage.
To date he has had 39 radiation treatments,9 chemo treatments (cisplatin & VP-16)
Last friday he had an MRI done fo his brain,the test results were horrifiying he has several mets to the brain ( 6 tumors) and has started whole brain radiation!!
His oncologist only gives him a survival of no more than 6 months.
This is such a shock as he did so well with the initial treatments he recieved!!!
We are both numb,I just don't know what to think!!
If anyone else had had similiar experiences with SCLC and mets to the brain please feel free to respond!!


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I'm breast cancer myself, but I just wanted you to know that I pray for you and your husband.
My heart goes out to you both.
I don't pretend to have any easy answers, but God in His mercy will uphold you both for whatever you face in the future.

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We will pray for you and your husband. As we told Zahalene is a previous post, many people will now be thrust into the role of caregiver-- and it will mostly be women -- and Boomer women at that. As a caregiver, we know you need to take care of your husband, but don't forget to take care of yourself too. Caregiver stress is, unfortunately, all too common. There is a great site that we just launched (www.caretalk.com) that is targeted to women like you who have been thrust into the role of caregiver all of a sudden. We've only just launched on Nov. 1st but we will be adding lots more content. We have partnered with Mount Sinai in NYC and they will be writing columns, blogs, video vignettes and more. I think you and all the caregivers will find this site useful. We will also start including a community where caregivers can share their stories and support each other.

Best to you and your husband,

The CareTALK gals


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Hello Karen, my name is Gracie. First of all let me say that you and your husband will be in my prayers.I was a caregiver to my best buddy of 40yrs who passed away from cancer this past march. We were told she only had 6 months the cancer was so advanced. What I want to share with you is I know its hard to watch the man you love go thru this. But you being there by his side every step of the way will mean more to him than anything. My best buddy was all I had, she was a sister to me and I miss her everyday. Enjoy the moments together, even the small ones because they truly do mean so much. If you ever need to talk please feel free to shoot me an email cooperboy65@yahoo.com. I would love to chat.

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