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Would You Eat This???

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hey all you Semi-Colons!

So my question to you all is would you eat this?

1,6 - dichloro - 1,6 - didoxy - beta-D-fructofuranosyl - 4 - chloro- 4 deoxy-alpha - D - galactopyranoside

Wow, can you even swallow the name???

Can anyone guess what this chemical is that many are ingesting every day?

Did anyone guess SUCRALOSE??

And as long was we're talking chemicals that are harmful (let's throw aspartame --Nutrasweet-- in there as well) there is a really good article at the dangers of Tamiflu on www.mercola.com about 12 kids in Japan dying from Tamiflu. Please educate yourselves about the dangers of these drugs that are being passed off on us, y'all. Especially those of us surviving the Granddaddy disease of them all--cancer. But when you educate yourself think about looking outside the industry for answers. I mean, would you expect George Wallace to give you an honest answer if you questioned him about the merits of desegregation? I don't think so.

Just because the FDA may say it's ok doesn't mean that it is -- it's imperative that we self educate....I mean look at the Vioxx fiasco---55,000 dead. Oops they say, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Hmmmm.

So before you ingest Sucralose just know there are healthier options to satisying your sweet tooth (like STEVIA which is an herb) that are not 75 characters long!!!

peace, emily

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I don't eat anything that comes in a package so that keeps me pretty safe. Ghastly list of ingredients! My friend with cancer is on a macrobiotic/vegan diet and is doing well. It makes sense to stop what created the cancer (rectal in his case) in the first place so there is (hopefully!) a good chance of no reoccurance. Of course diet isn't all that brings on the cancer (stress, etc.) but it is an important thing to consider when one is going through this.

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oh, yummy.

I usually have my 1,6 - dichloro - 1,6 - didoxy - beta-D-fructofuranosyl - 4 - chloro- 4 deoxy-alpha - D - galactopyranoside sprinkled on my mercury laden tuna served on a lead filled plate , imported of course.

Barb :)

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Dear Emily,
I always heard the purpose of education is to take an empty mind and change it to an open mind.So, I looked up some information on Stevia, including the allegations that Monsanto tried to keep if off the market. It sounds like a great sugar substitute.
I don't share your distrust of the FDA particularly, in fact I think they are way too cautious, that's what makes drugs difficult to obtain and expensive when we do.
My understanding is stevia comes from a Paraguyan bush. The leaves contain a different type of sugar molecules that are 200-300 times stronger than sugar. The stevia glucosides are: stevioside, Rebaudioside A and C, and Dulcoside A. They don't sound appetizing either. In fact, any time you start putting a letter by word (like hepatitis A) I start thinking disease.

The point is everything can be broken down into some molecular structure that sounds like it would taste like a stick of chalk slathered with Mr. Clean.
The fear that lurks within all of us about our disease is best controlled by action rather than inaction. I like your approach, frankly, and there has to be some reason all of us caught this thing, no one can say you aren't correct.

I don't plan to start juicing soon, in fact I don't own a blender (yet). I suspect a lot of other people won't either. I see too many elderly people, including my parents in their 80's, who wouldn't dream of using stevia on their cereal and who are still here to talk about it. Whatever brings you comfort and confidence you are doing everything possible to fight this is exactly what's right for you.

I didn't wait for the FDA to approve that idea, it's just plain common sense ('genius dressed up in working clothes').
Thanks for your interesting post.

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Hi John,


Funny thing is I don't often use Stevia either actually. I have some in my cabinet. I use rice syrup or honey if need be, but mostly I just satisfy my "sweet tooth" with natural things like my carrot juice or an apple. I have been off refined sugar for 23 years. Nutrasweet gave me migraines as does sugar.

Still laughing at your Mr. Clean on Chalk reference.

Loved your empty mind to open mind saying. I have to file that one in the keep pile.

When I passionately post about nutritional things I never think of the 80 year olds that are not dealing with cancer--I'm thinking of us 30 somethings (now in my 40's) who are dealing with colon cancer. Why? How did this happen?

Our bodies are trying to tell us something. Cancer was a messenger to me and I finally listened. It puts a different spin on the old, "don't shoot the messenger" saying.

I completely agree with you that people have to find what works for them. I like people to know that there ARE choices out there that go beyond FOLFOX or FOLFIRI or 5-FU or whatever. There is no dead end path. Ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

peace, emily

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I too share your concerns that stevia could be detrimental to health although there have been several small studies that don't indicate there is a problem.

Since cancer feeds on sugar, I'm taking my chances with Stevia to satisfy my sweet tooth and I am off the processed sugar.

Stevia composes 41% of the market share for sweeteners in Japan (and their ministry of health is notoriously stricter than the FDA) After centuries of use in Paraguay and decades of widespread use in Japan and other countries there have been no reported adverse effects.

I recently bought "The Stevia Cookbook" that explains in detail why Stevia can't be sold as a "Sweetener" in the USA even though it clearly is. It's a fairly long story that dates back to the 80's. Basically, it's a catch-22 where no company is willing to pony up the needed millions of dollars and years of time to do testing to verify it as safe when any company could then come in and start marketing it after approval. But the FDA won't allow a "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS) status to sell it as a sweetener which it clearly would if there wasn't a conflict of interest.

Isn't it interesting that there have been studies that show that saccharin causes cancer and yet it can still be sold legally in this country as a sweetener?

You wouldn't be able to buy Stevia at all in this country if it weren't for Orrin Hatch and a grassroots movement in 1995 that allowed it to be sold as a "dietary supplement" under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

While the Food and Drug Administration may be concerned with assuring the safety of our food and drugs, I believe their primary objective is to protect the profits of the companies that sell food.... and drugs.

By the way, go to your health food store and buy some Sweet Leaf "stevia" and make a lemonade sometime....it's great.

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Sounds just the thing to sprinkle on my irish coffe.

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Oh my Em,

You hooked a live one with John, but I have to weigh in with you.

John, I agree with you that everything can be broken down to a molecular structure. The difference is how does the body react and metabolize a particular molecular structure????? Some are naturally and easily absorbed by our bods, while others can not be, since they include man made non-ingestible molecules (high frutose corn syrup, MSG, hormones injected into meat producing animals, etc). I am sorry that you stopped your research as soon as you saw the letter A, fearing disease causing molecules. Oh contraire. Vitamin A is a much needed nutrient to our bodies.

I too see elderly people every day including my 80 and 81 year old mother and father that aren't eaten up by an particular disease, yet. But I do see them taking more medicine then anyone should have to (my Mom takes 11 pills a day and my Dad, 5). And neither like it or want it, but that is all they know to do or can do. They live by their doctor's recommendations. You know the types, the ones that know more about pharmaceutical drugs then nutrition. No carrot farmer can afford to subisdize their income like the legal drug companies can.

My research tells me that the current World War II generation will have the highest longevity rates of any generation ever. They were quite fortunate to not have to ingest the crap we do today in their earlier years. They ate real food. They are not the McDonalds generation. The McDonalds generations are seeing cancer in earlier ages that doctors are even amazed with. Something is going on in our world.

Something changed in the 1970s. Cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc, etc, etc. seem to have exploded since then. WHY????????????

Is it in the water, food, or air???????

Who knows, but as long as we trust our government to tell us, we are doomed. It's all about money, not about our health. All Emily was trying to say was to take care of your own health.

Lisa P.

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AMEN, sister and can I get a Hallelujah !!!

Totally agree. And don't even get me started on childhood vaccinations!!


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Dear Lisa (and Emily),
I tried (unsuccessfully I guess) to point out in my email that all of us who have been 'hooked' by this disease must scout out a regimen that leaves us with peace and hope, whatever it may be. I don't quarrel with your choice, I just don't see that the government caused my tumor. It seems fair to add my father is a board certified physician, my mom has had MS for 26 years, and neither of them takes any meds stronger than aspirin. I shudder to imagine what you would think about their daily intake of evil sustenance. Most of it was fed to me and my 6 siblings while we were raised. I'm the only one with colon cancer. Whenever I say something everyone agrees with, I know to a moral certainty I am wrong.
Courage is one of the parents of peace. Freedom from this disease must be the other.

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