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Suggestions needed...

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My family found out at the end of September that my 24 year old brother has cancer in his liver, pancreas, bile ducts, lymph nodes, and gall blader. He had been sick (vommiting, nausea, stomach pain) for about 3 months and had been to his local ER several times, but with each visit they sent him away with sillier and sillier diagnosis (gas, virus). He then became really sick at the end of September and went to a city hospital. The biopsy of his liver came back positive for cancer, the next days cat scans and other test showed he had cancer in the other areas. His doctor then told us that he will probably only surrvive 5 months. He tried an aggresive form of chemo (I do not have the name, sorry) that worked the first few times, but after the third treatment his tumor markers only began to increase. The doctor sent him for another cat scan last week to see if the cancer was in fact getting worse and today we learned that the tumors are multiplying. Next Monday the doctor wants to start new treatments consisting of Xeloda via IV and 5FU via pill form, she told us that this probably would not work, but she felt like at his age he should try everything. I know the type of cancer that he has is not common, but maybe those of you who have had, or still have cancer in one or two areas that he does could throw some treatment options my way. My brother is the most optimistic, happy, caring, loving and kindest person, as many of you are too I'm sure. He wants so much to marry his girlfriend and have a baby. He has never had the opportunity to travel outside of the states surrounding our home state, there are just so many things he thought he had the rest of his life to do, as many of you understand I'm sure. Anyway, any information you have would be of extreme help! Thanks in advance for those of you who do offer suggestions. GOD BLESS!

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Hi: My husband also has cancer of the bile duct, pancreas and liver. He is taking Gemzar once a week and takes Tarceva orally. Tarceva is the newest drug approved for pancreas cancer. You might want to research it. What state do you live in? Didn't he turn yellow from the bile duct being blocked? My husband has had improvement and tumor markers have dropped. He has other problems with vomiting and diarrhea, and has lost a lot of weight. The doctors are trying to find out the problem, it does not seem to be from the chemo, as he has gone off the chemo and still has it. He also had surgery to bypass the bile duct, as the stent didn't work out. He had to keep having it replaced. I will pray for your brother, he is so young. Love, Augie

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i have melanoma i'm 26 years old and it has spread to my liver my doctors are starting me on a drug called interleukin-2 it is supposed to be the cutting edge therapy not sure if this helps. Good Luck and God Bless.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you !

I'm a girl from China. And my parents found a Chinese medicine which have successfully controlled many patients' cancer. As you know , cancer can't be convalesce completely.It's only can be controlled. And my grandpa is liver cancer . His lump is about 16.5cm, 20days later after having the medicine, it's about 2-3cm . When he was ill, the doctor said he would have three months to live , but now he is still live healthy . So, it's really a surprise . Even the doctor asked him what kind of things he ate .

All the members of my family are Christians ,and when my grandpa was ill , we(including my grandpa) prayed everyday, this is also better for my grandpa and us in mettle.

I know all over the world, there are so many people was suffered by cancer, I really hope this medicine can help more people, not only Chinese, but all over the world, really! So, if you believe in me, pls come to China, or may be I can send the medicine to you! 100usd/day,and about 3-5 days, you¡¯ll find the patient get better, one month later, the cancer will become smaller, and the patient just looks like a healthy man, can work, eat, no pain. More and more Chinese patient have been saved by it, pls believe in me, even you can come to China, come to my home for cure.

Hope everyone in the world will be happy everyday!

Yours Sincerely
Susan(Joanna is my sister)

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