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My father was diagnosed with NSCLC Adenocarcinoma. We don't know what stage but it seems to be in his adrenal gland and the biopsy was taken from the fluid they drained from around his lungs.(he had a hard time breathing.) They found the cancer on Oct 31 during a Heart Attack he was having. Went back to the ER 1 week later because he couln't breath. (fluid). He also has diabetes. My question is what can we expect? Are there many success stories with all of these problems involved. I have been told most likely it is Stage IV but he has an oc. appt. on Monday and I will wait to see what he has to say.

I can only keep feeling the worst is to come...I need to hear some success...

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Hi Marve. Of course, your father's illness is serious. But don't jump to conclusions. It is early in his diagnosis, and you must wait for all the tests to be completed. The waiting is not easy, but it is necessary. Some of his complications may be curable, others treatable. I was diagnosed as stage 3a,- and inoperable/incurable, at age 67. Things looked bleak. Well, I'm 71 now, and cancer free. Be patient, (easier said than done), have faith, and have confidence in the doctors.

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thank you. We went to the onc. He has Stage IV with it in the fluid, adrienal and lymph. He just had his first round of chemo yesterday. The Doc gave him 10mon with chemo but we aren't going to settle...he is trying anything and everything he wants to fight.

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Lung cancer here, survived 17 months now. Can't really address your question but am wondering, did you contact the American Cancer Society on the 800 toll free line. They are staffed with qualified people in every category, as well, have a multitude of information publications they will share with you and quite possible have a survivor in the area of your dads condition who would be williung to call you.
The info is without charge and 'Always' Very Helpful!!!!

Good luck,

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Hi there Gordon, I know this is a bit late to respond but I was wondering what your story was? Are you a stage 4 survivor? Do you have a web page on here? My father has nsclc diagnosed in August 05 and I am looking for success stories too.

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