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Is there anyone out there that has been diagnosed with GBM or know of anyone that has been diagnosed with GBM & they were considered inoperable? EVERY single web page & story speaks of surgery right away for almost everyone. I just wanted to hear from someone who has been told that it would be a last resort & they are not operating.
Thank you


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    Check out this link. This place is doing amazing things without surgery. Had my mother made it that far we were planning on going.
    Best of luck.
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    I noticed your posting, and it sounds as if we are going through the identical situation. We were diagnosed GBM IV inoperable, and have elected to not pursue other treatment to prolong the agony. It is a very dificult decision, though, knowing my mothers wishes, it was the right one. There is very little out there on the web concerning our plight, most of it involves people who are fighting the disease. It makes it difficult to see the stages in front of you and not know what is going to happen next. Please feel free to email me, I would be happy to converse with someone in a similar situation.
    Just remember you are not alone!
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    To begin with I know were your comin from. My wife was told of her condition after a seizere. Her tumors were on the left side of her brain and she also had one in the middle of her brain. They did surgery within 2 weeks on the tumor on the side. The reason they went so fast is because of the way it grows . It grows very fast and it will cause problems wih motor skills. You could ask the doctors about gamma knife treatment its not really surgery it is done with gamma radiation it can kill the tumor sometimes. My wife Betty fought this nasty thing for 2yrs. but she lost her battle on Nov. 5th 2005 keep God close and try whatever you can keep fighting! My family and I will pray for you God Bless you.
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    My wife was dianosed with GBM and we were told that due to its location that she was able to have surgery. She had it in the left front lobe and under went four different surgeries many different treatments. She fought for 6 1/2yrs before she passed away. I guess it depends on where the tumor is. It grows quickly and my wife finally opted not to have anymore surgery and to receive just treatment because her quality of life would not be the best. I hope you the best and my prayers go out to you. If you need anything else do not hesitate to ask.