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Need help dealing with sleeping

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Hello Everyone, I am having a terrible time getting enough sleep every day and night. I have NPC cancer. I am 43 yrs old and just finshed radiation 3 weeks ago. My nose is clogged and my throat hurts which makes me cough alot. I can swallow water just fine. But when I want to sleep I can't because my nasal passage is not clear for me to sleep and my mouth will get to dry if I open my mouth. This is a big problem for me. I hope someone out there has the same problem and can assist me to get around the problem. I am tired mentally and physically. But just can't sleep. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping and my prayers go out to all you and your family everyday.

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How soon we forget. Now I remember having a humidifier in my room. I did a lot of my sleeping in a reclining position, catching a few hours here and there. I don't remember what medicinal aids I had. The doctors prescribed something for every complaint I had. I had so many prescriptions that I couldn't keep track of what was for what. Your doctor could give you a sleeping aid just so that you can get some rest. Hang in there!

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Hi Christmas, Thank you very much for your advice. It really means alot to me. My doctors gave everythig also for this and that but not for sleeping or coughing. They always say with time it will get better. That is what I have a hard time dealing with. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my last radiation. I felt good Last saturday and then bame sunday was a terrible and is still is today. I don't know what I did wrong to make this change. I hate feeling this way.

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My friend is 17 months out of tonsil cancer and still doesn't sleep real well. He uses a humidifier at night. It works well if you shut your bedroom door. He says the weather sometimes effects if he has a bad night. Also breathing through his mouth when he has a cold leaves him with his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth!He is using a new product called saliva substitute, will let you know if it works!

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Hi, I am a tongue cancer survivor, I use Biotene products to help with my dry mouth, such as the mouth wash, they have a gel, and a liquid that I also use, you can get this over the counter and most larger drug stores. Before I go to bed I cleanse my mouth throughly and then use the liqiud or the gel, I find the liquid isn't as pasty as the gel, although temporary, it has seemed to help me with the tongue sticking to the roof of the mouth situation. Also talk to your doctor or Head and neck oncologist, and inquire about Salegen...it is a prescription which helps with saliva reproduction, I have been taking it and it does seem to help, but I have heard that some people have had to stop taking it due to the fact that it stops working. I have found that if I run into this problem my doctor suggested stop taking them for a week and then restarting them.....that has corrected the problem for me, but keep in mind everyone is different.....although we all go thru similar expereiences each one of us react differently to things, do what is comfortable for you and consult with your doctor....Good luck

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I don't know if this will help you because I had SCC of nasal septum BUT my friend suggested I stop drinking milk and after 2 days all was clear! I'm not kidding. I had the exact same symptoms every night and never had allergies or probs with milk before but I think my surgery affected my ability to process milk products (also avoid cream, ice cream. yoghurt is ok. Cheese is good, just not milk, cream, ice cream). I had noticed that a few days a week breathing was better and realised it was the 2 days I drank wine with dinner on the weekend. Also I was drinking capaccinos with friends (milk). So - give it a try. It may help. I am forever grateful to my friend and could strangle my doctor for not mentioning it!


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