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Brain tumors

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Any other Ca brain tumor survivors out there? I'd really like to talk to someone else who's been thru what i have.

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Hello btcat, I am a 15 year surviver of ependymoma brain cancer, was diagnosed in 92 when I was ll, I am 25 now. I would love to chat anytime. email me sometime at enova99@yahoo.com My name is Kevin. Hope to hear from you soon.

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I had surgery to remove 3 tumnors from my spinal cord , 1 cm and smaller, ependymoma, now I go to radiation 5 days a week. My last spinal fluid check showed no cancer. I have some weird things like achs and forget fullness but feel ok. I had testicular cancer last oct. So I was cnacer free for 4 months. I am pretty depressed. It is so hard to find someone who is not younger than 6 that has this. I am 45. Even the testicular wasn't common for a guy my age. I dont know why I am typing here just maybe someone may come across it and want to tell me what to expect. I know my dr's are good but like last time survivors are so much better. anyhow good luck to all.



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