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What would you do???

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Greetings all:
About 8 wks ago I had a ct scan and the results were mixed. My colon cancer and liver lesions were gone!!! But they noticed a small 4mm nodule on my left lung. I had a petscan done on Monday and I could get the results on Thursday if I wanted, but here's the catch. I'm going on long weekend trip with the wife and kid. If I get the news and it's bad it'll bum me out and put a damper on my trip. However, if it's not cancerous it could make my trip even more fun? What would you do? Would you want to find out right away, or would you wait? I'm leaning towards the later, but waiting is almost as worse and knowing...

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My two cents? I would find out. It's obviously going to be something you think about the entire trip. Odds are you are fine...go ahead and get the good news!!

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hmmmm. that's a tough one. my gut reaction was to wait, but then i read johnom's answer and it makes sense. so i guess i'm no help. good luck with your decision.

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Hiya Buster...mmmm...Going on the trip without knowing is probably going to have you wondering/worrying the whole time. Either way you are going to worry but I agree with John. If there is NO prblem at least your trip will be with a clear mind. Find the results out before you go mate. We are hoping for you that the news will be good and you can holiday in fine spirits.
cheers, Ross n Jen

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Buster -

I agree with my esteemed OZ-ian colleague; get the results before you go. It will be easier to put it out of your mind once you have a difinitive answer - either way - and you will be better able to enjoy the trip.

Praying they didn't find any PETs in you...

- SpongeBob

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ok- a different view but one born of experience. We were in the exact same situation- we had a weekend away planned with the kids- tickets to a baseball game- hotel and the works...my husband had his 3 mos post adjuvant chemo check up on the day before we were about to leave...sadly it showed the beast had migrated to his liver...one of these from the Onc " I am so very sorry to tell you this..."..so the long and short of it was that it was a terrible weekend, trying to put on a brave face for the kids but so very sad on the inside...if we had it to do over again we would have waited until Monday...honestly- bad news can wait and if it is good news you have another reason to celebrate...I know that in a cancer diagnosis "what you don't know can kill you" but on the other hand- since peaceful time is so very precious..."ignorance truly is bliss" if it is not too late- do not get your results- enjoy your weekend- ignore anthing to do with cancer and just enjoy!!!!

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