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Hi all,
Having a panic attack,I didn't think ca could get to me any more having survived st 3 colon for 8 yrs. My wife has just had a series of ultrasounds that have found a 40mm thickening in the endometrium. Her doctor has suggested two causes ,endometrial displaysia ,treatable by a hysterectamy or endometrial cancer and all the options that go with it. I really don't know what I'm posting for ,I just can't stand the thought of my darling wife having to tread the same road that I have. I guess that we will just have to see what tests show and do what needs to be done, just the possibilities of what might be makes me so sad. Thanks for listening,Ron.

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We'll hold you and your wife up in our prayers and thoughts that this is nothing more than a remedy with a hysterectomy. You know all too well the kind of support she needs now to help ease her fears.

Let us know how she is doing. We all hope for the best outcome.


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I am so sorry you and your wife are going through this. Praying for the best news possible for you both. Hang in there! Wishing you hope and strength in the coming days.

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Hi Ron,

Thanks for sharing your worries with us. I could just feel your panic in your message. Hopefully, the problem can be corrected with a hysterectomy. Please let us know as soon as you find out something difinitive which, hopefully, will be too soon.

Thinking of you and your wife.


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Your panic attack is understandable. You and your wife will be in my prayers. Mike

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Dear Ron
Hope that things work out OK for your wife- will be thinking of you both.

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I will be saying a prayer for both of you and keep you in my thoughts..Audrey

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I'm so sorry to hear about what you and your wife are going through. I hope that the problem is easily remedied by a hystorectomy. You are in my thoughts. Sending positive energy your way!

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Ron, so sorry to hear about your wife and will be praying heartily for you both. Do keep us posted to let us know.

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You have been such a source of hope to so many on this board -- please let us try to support you during this difficult time of uncertainty. Sending all best wishes your way. Please keep us posted.

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Okay Ron,

Time to pay her back for all she gave and helped you as you dealt with the dragon. Things will be fine and your post really hit me about how much you respect and love her. Just keep walking that talk and both of you will be fine. My hugs, kisses and thoughts are with you both honey.

Lisa P.

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sending good thoughts and prayers..ramona

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I have no doubt that you are understandably paniced and worried...I pray that it is nothing more than displasia...when are they doing a biopsy?

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I understand your fears and worries. I can only imagine what your feeling like. It's terrible your wife has this illness, but you are a cancer survivior and you will support her along the way. Hang in there and take it one day at a time...

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Hi Ron, sorry to hear about your worries. I hope everything will be fine, you and your wife are in my prayers. Livin

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Ron -

Two silver linings here:

1. It could very well be something benign (as benign as endometrial displaysia is)

2. If, Heaven forbid, she does have to walk the road you did, you can bethere to help her and lend your special insight and a level of empathy that few survivors are able to experience on a daily basis.

Keeping you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Ron, More prayers and positive thoughts are going out for you and your wife; let us know when you have more info. Stay strong, Judy

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Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and concern. Susan will see a gyno next week. Her doctor rang and made the appointment(the difference between one week and several). The gyno has since rung and made sure that susan will keep the appointment. As usual I'm getting "don't worry ,it's nothing" ,but I won't relax until we know what we are dealing with. Once again ,thanks to everyone ,I know you care and it makes a difference,Ron.

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Hi Ron...as hard as it may be right now, try to stay positive and anticipate favorable results. Sponge Bob was absolutely right. I hope all works out well for you and your wife. It's obvious from your post that you love her very much. Take care. Jimmy

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Hi Ron and Susan.

Sorry I'm late to this post. I wanted to extend my prayers and positive vibes to you both. Try not to get too worried before all the information is in.

Just this past week, my mother had a scare with her mammogram. They told her she should see a breast surgeon. She didn't ask too many questions, and the report was in medical mumbo jumbo. We had her films read by a Radiologist friend and it turned out to be nothing. Unfortunately, my mom put herself through a lot of worry. She didn't tell us right away. She didn't want to worry anyone! So she kept it a secret for a few weeks. Mind you, her sister died of breast cancer.

My point, try to relax. Get the information. Then react.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers.



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Oh struth...I posted you a personal mail then forgot to post here!
Ron...you deserved the personal from me mate. Jen and I both hope like hell that susan gets thru all this ok mate!
You already know my feelins about this now so be kind to yourself..cross yah fingers and remember my rainbow buddy!
love Ross n Jen

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hello ron.its understandable your worry. you and your wife will be in my prayers.


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