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lung mets

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my daughter, originally diagnosed 3 years ago with osteosarcoma in the femur, finished tx 2 years ago and has been cancer-free - until this past week when we found out she has it in her lungs. Her drs are going to use ifosfamide and etoposide. Does anyone have any experience with these, or experience with other drugs that have worked for them?

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I finished in May with treatment with bone cancer that metes. to my lungs. I recieved ifosfamide, etopside and a few others. The ifosfamide made me dizzy and nauseas some people vomit, it will knock your counts down a bit too. But I recieved good results from it.

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My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer that mestazied to the bone. He has a big tumor in his femur bone that has eaten half of his femur bone. Surgery was recommended but due to a weak heart we held off since he was a high risk of dying on the table. Any suggestions?

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How long was it after you intial treatment did it metes. to the lungs? how many spots did you have? I have a friend you had just metes. to lungs and with be on ifosamide and etopside etc.

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