concern of reoccur

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I was diagnosed as hodgkin's IIA (neck and chest) in March. I finished my 6 month chemo on late September and did CT and PET scan early October. Everything looks fine. However, from last week, I feel pressure in my chest. The feeling is exactly same as before the chemo. I am very nervous. I went to see my doctor. He told me that I didn't need to worry, because it wouldn't reoccur this soon. I asked he what could be clues of reoccur. He told me fever and weight lost. But I didn't have all of these before. Is there anybody could share with me the clue of your reoccur or what your doctor told you?
I also had problem on the second joint of each finger. I do believe it arthritis, but the aithritis doctor said I didn't need to worry about that at this stage.
I think the doctors can't really understand my feeling. I want to trust him, but I am still worry.


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    I would simply demand that they look into things further and not go by "it wouldn't happen this early on." every individual is different. It isn't fair to rely soley on statistics to treat someone (!) maybe there's a better team of drs out there for you...
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    Hi, I was diagnosed at the age of 19 with Hodgkins and went through 6 months of chemo MOPP/ABVD. I was also pronounced in remission in November 1986. However, by February 1987 just three months after remission, I found another lump in my neck area...the same area where I found the original lump. I, too, had no other symptoms, no fever, no weight loss. I went to a surgeon to have the second lump removed and it was in fact Hodgkins again. I was then treated with 6 months of radiation. So, I guess what I am saying is that you can, in fact, have a recurrence without those other side effects, I did. Although, it has been speculated that I was probably never in a complete remission the first time and that the second lump was just further growth from missed cancer cells? Who knows. Good luck to you. Remember that it is very hard to believe that you are in remission after suffering through all those treatments, so, just because I had a recurrence doesn't mean that you will too. I wish you all the best. Beth
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    My dad was stage IIA in neck and armpit, he went through 4 cycles of chemo and 17 radiation treatments to the mantle field. Its been 2 years and he is going to be 73 in 2006. He is feeling good and has his cat scans every 3 months. I'm going to guess that that pressure in your chest is nerves. I know its hard not to worry, especially if you just recently finished treatment. I know with my dad as time went on it got further and further away. Give yourself more time and try to practice relaxation and learn breathing patterns. I have anxiety and certain breathing techniques help me. Stage IIA is a great diagnoses. Your cancer was early and did not progress. You did not experience any progressive symptoms such as fever, night sweats. I think you have a very small percentage of hodgkins returning.
    I hope your worries subside soon and you need to talk about what your feeling to a family or friend, its unfortunate your doctor does not sound like a compassionate person.

    Feel good and God Bless
    Val NY
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    I was diagnosed with with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on Dec. 11 of 1984 at age 10. I did 12 sessions of ABVD, then called Clean. It has been 21 years since my diagnosise and I am still in remission.
    My point here is that hope is your best friend right now. I truly believe that if you truly believe that its over it can help. I did. I never looked back and here I am. Not to say I controlled it with my mind. I just think that faith adn hope go a long way. Did you ever fake being sick as kid and then end up getting sick.
    keep that head up.
    Anxiety makes you feel pressure in your chest as well.