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contagious diseases

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I have heard that after all the treatments one can catgh contagious diseases, example chickpox more then one time? Is this true and if so what are the risks? Please help the lost and confused!!

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I don't know about the chicken pox but even though my butt department dosen't work anymore due to a colostomy, I did get a nasty staph infection in there, how it got there I don't know and it seems neither do my doc's

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There is a great Yahoo site with people just like you surviving anal cancer who also have hpv or hiv look into yahoo.com under the section GROUPS then type in anal_cancer (that's anal with an underline then cancer). 300 members for this 6 year old list serve and about 500 postings on the average month. I'm almost a 4 year survivor of anal cancer as of 2006

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