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Dr appointment and new study

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Goodmorning, I saw the oncologist yesterday and was told I do have many new areas of cancer ranging in size from about 1cm to a little over 2cm. I was given a couple options of treatment, one is a new research study group. I chose the study group. The drug is docetaxel(taxotere). It is not a new drug and is used for advance ovarian cancer, the way I recieve that is new.

I will be giving myself small doses of chemo everyday. The insurance company will love this, at this time the chemo is free. The hope is the smaller daily doses will maybe starve the cancer of its blood supply and have less side affects than having the huge dose all at once.
Or at least lower the ca125 and stop the growth of cancer.

I go back to the U on Monday to the trainig center to learn how to flush my port and administer the chemo. Then on Wednesday I go to the research center to pick up my cooler with all the supplies for the week. I will access my port daily and administer the taxeltere. I have seen the nurses flush my port before and am sure I can do it without a problem. My Dr and the research team will follow me closely throughout the study and once a week take blood for lab to check toxicity, tumor marker and blood counts. At that time they will re-access my port and I will pick up the cooler full of drugs for the next week. I am excited and nervous.

Dr Downs says I am good candidate for this as my tumor markers usually respond well to chemo, it's just once we stop it takes off again. I am joining the 3rd level of the group, which will have 5 levels(could add more). Each level gets a little higher daily dose. I feel comfortable being in the middle dose.

The part I hate is taking all the steroids again, my body just doesn't like them but is the only way a person can put all this poison into their system. This study is set to continue for 6 months unless a person experiences dangerous side effects or it just isn't working. I see the Dr once a month and have a ct scan every 8 weeks. Randy and I left the clinic feeling very hopeful. Randy did ask what if this doesn't work and this is what we were told, "he has lots of things up his sleeve for me yet, there are still alot of options." I almost cried, I guees I was worried about running out of options and didn't really realize it. Silly me huh? I have to say I saw tears in his eyes too. As my sister said this morning, good thing the Dr has me under his wing and never really thought of it before.

I do have to get a colonoscopy to check things out, for one of the tumors is a sigmoid tumor (sp?) a little over 2cm in size. Fun huh? But at least the clinic is being watchful.

One last note and a Praise The Lord! My daughter Lynn had the genetics test done and she does not have the brca2 mutate. I am so relieved! Tears of joy were shed for her. Now if the other two would be checked out I'd feel so much better.

Thanks once again for checking in and caring about how I am doing. I love you all and will let you know how the chemo goes.

Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

Psalm 75:1, "Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare."

Psalm 107:1, "O Give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."

PS I forgot to mention I am being interviewed by KARE 11 news on Monday. A little nervous but should be good!

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As I read your post this morning it brought tears to my eyes. I, too sense the hope and promise that the doctor has given you. As for you, I see your courage, faith and perserverance that I could only hope to have. We are all fighting a 'good fight'. And it blesses my heart to hear that you rely on the Lord for your strength and peace. While I will be seeing my doctor again on November 30, it is most likely that he still prefers to do the surgery for this 'lymphocele' or whatever it is. What the future holds for me I don't know. But my faith is encouraged and multiplied by 'survivors' such as you, which is what life is also about, right? He gives us the faith 'small as the grain as a mustard seed', and it is our life experiences and the insipiration of others that helps it to grow.

I know you will keep in touch, and as always, I will be waiting to hear how all of this is going. What city is KARE 11? Do you think it will be posted on the internet? Let us know.

Prayers, hugs, and many thanks.

Psalm 26: 'He leads me beside STILL waters and RESTORES my soul.'

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Bonnie, It sounds good and I hope that it works. Please keep us informed on every thing. We do care!

This was in our local paper. U.S. Rep Ralph Hall, R-Tx, marked a victory this week in his quest to raise the awareness of ovarian cancer. The House voted unanimously to pass a resolution named in honor of one of his former staffers, Grace Warren who is battling the illness. In short,Grace's resolution highlights some of the grim stats, developing early detection tools, prevention methods, and a cure. The funds for reasearh had been cut for ovarian cancer and he wants adequate funding returned.

It's a shame that you have to have ovarian cancer or know someone with it before you realize the death rate of this disease is not declining and that something needs to be done. Maybe there is some hope around the corner.

Bonnie, you are in my prayers. Paula

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Bonnie you just lift my spirits, you are a blessing. It sounds like you have a great doctor. Thank you for being in this study, this will be of great interest to us all. I had my surgery Fri. now my doctor says it was scar tissue he is still sending it off to be tested. He has had us on a roller coaster ride, my family is not real happy with him right now. My CA-125 hit the magic number "35" 2 weeks ago, after the cat scan he said he would not do any more ca 125, because they would continue to go up??????? He said he would just do cat scans every 6 weeks I'm not sure what all that means.
I'm sorry to hear you have to have a colonostomy, what will the side effects be on this study? I know what the steroids will do, I hate that.
Well we know God is still on the throne and he will get us through this journey. God Bless you and keep you, Jan

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