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Info Requested on Recovery Time

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Anyone have any stories on recovery time for DaVinci RPP? How long before cath was out? How long before you were back at work. How long before you no longer had to wear "Depends".
Did anyone have issues while you were flying?
(I travel 2-3 times a month, sometimes every week for my job, that's why I'm having this done right before Xmas) Any info would be appreicated.


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I had my prostate removed on 7-18-05 and went back to work on 8-26-05. 1/2 days the first week back. Cath was out 15 days after surgery. I wore a pad home from the Dr. office but hardly ever after that around the house. I wore a pad the first week at work and not after that. You need to be careful about coughing etc. Almost 4 months out things are good and everything is working like it should. I don't have experience in the traveling part but I don't think it would have been a problem except for the fatigue. I wish you luck.

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My husband had the Da Vinci RPP done on Monday August 22nd. He was released from the hospital on Wed.August 24th. His catether was in until Tuesday August 30th(8 days). City of Hope takes their catether out 5-7 days after surgery, if there are no complications. Some Dr.'s leave it in longer. He wore a pad until Friday Sept. 2nd(12 Days after surgery). You just have to be careful with coughing, sneezing, and laughing for a while until you strengthen your Kegel muscles. Look under the UCI Hospital for their Kegel exercises. It is an exercise to help strengthen the Kegel muscles to control your urine. I think it also helps with regaining your potency too. My husband had his surgery done at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. They have a web site that talks about their procedure and what to expect. The UCI Hospital web site was also very informative on the whole procedure. My husband's stamina was not good due to fatigue after the surgery. Also no heavy lifting for a while. He is a farmer and did a lot of really physical work. I don't know about flying, but sitting for long periods of time for my husband was not good. He also used the restroom a lot more. From the men that talked to my husband: One guy was 4 weeks after surgery he was continent, one was 3 weeks, another was still having problems after 3 months. So, everybody is a little different. Also we were told by the Dr. if you had problems before surgery that your likelihood of having some problems after surgery is a little higher. The men that regained control sooner told my husband to start doing the Kegels like he was training for a marathon race. He did it several times a day for a month before his surgery. I feel it really makes a difference. A lot of hospitals don't tell you to do the exercises until after the catether comes out. Start EXERCISING!!!!
Good Luck

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I'm 44 with stage 1, gleason 6. (5% in only 1 biopsy of 10) Was leaning toward DaVinci RP, but met with Radiation Oncologist today, and now I'm confused again. Still leaning toward the RP, but does anyone have any help they can offer in what made you choose either seeds or RP? Both Doctors are leaders in their field in Colorado (were recommended by doctor at Dana Farber in Boston) and actually work together. But both have their obvious preference to their specialty. I, like all of you, still have to make my own decision.
Pro's and Con's for both. Thoughts? Advice?
Thank you all for taking the time to respond.

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I had the robotic surgury in October of 2003. I was back to work in about 5 days. (I'm and accountant not a bricklayer) I had a complication and the cathater was in for seven weeks. Once out, it took me about three weeks to go pad free.

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