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"Bass Ackwards"

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Hello all...

As you know, our type of cancer is dealt with, er, well, BACKWARDS! With that in mind, we have nailed down some details of the Paloozas to be held in 2006. The backwards part is that the latter trip is finalized, while the soonest one still needs "tweaking"!

The first one, to be held sometime in April, will be in Austin, TX. THAT much about THAT trip is all we really have decided.

The second one, to be held in October, is pretty much secured in cement! It will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That's right....we're going INTERNATIONAL! As far as where it's located, it's really not far from the New York or Boston areas. It'll be October 12-15, 2006. Thursday through Sunday. Rooms will cost $ 135 Canadian currency per night (which is only 3 nights, leaving on Sunday). At today's rate of exchange, that is about $ 113 per night. Lisa Rose coordinated this trip. (THANK YOU!) Rooms can be booked as early as next week. There will be a block of rooms reserved under the group name "gcolon" (for group colon). Rooms are at the Delta Halifax, and you can check out their web site at: http://www.deltahotels.com/hotels/hotels.php?hotelId=26. (simple cut and paste in your browser will get you there).

So, we hope that trip will bring out even more semi colons. More details will be posted as they become available. This will give us all something to look forward to in 2006.

Kerry will be putting together some things for us to do in Austin, TX. Details of that trip, too, will be posted.

Some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1.) Why are there 2 trips planned?

Two trips will allow people to coordinate their schedules to make one or the other, depending on work, finances, treatments, etc. (I, however, plan on attending BOTH!)

2.) What is there to do in Halifax?

There is a LOT to do. And, unlike in Las Vegas, we plan on coordinating boat tours and group things for us all to enjoy together.

3.) Is there a casino?

OF COURSE THERE IS A CASINO! There are also Celtic pubs, fall leaf changing walking trips, wine tasting, dancing...you name it!

4.) Will scouty (Lisa Poole) show me how to win big at 3 card poker?

YOU BETCHA! (lol, Lisa!)

So, plant this idea into your head, and work your hardest to try to make it. GUARANTEED to be a blast.


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Hello Stacy

Thank you for the plug for the Down East Palooza. There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing all of the semi colons get together in Vegas and laugh,cry and everything in between.Lisa and I look forward to seeing as many people as possible come to Halifax and you have our word that we will make this a Palooza to remember. Yes Sponger there are a lot of very pretty women in Halifax!!!

Andy & Lisa

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Hi Stacy, Lisa, and Andy,

Thanks for getting all of this organized for us. Count me in for both Paloozas.

I can't wait.

Hugs to all,


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OK guys,

I've been checking on hotels and activities! We need to decide a date!! I'll post next week on the rooms, etc.

Just plan on having a BIG "meet and greet" at our house the first night - so everyone try to arrive early enough to get there for a 6:30pm start time. I am hoping on some surprises for everyone.

Kay, are you ready girlfriend???


P.S. Sponger, Texas girls are pretty darn cute too! Beware!

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Oh excellent- I had the awesome privledge of living in Halifax for over a year and it was an experience I will never forget- one of my most very favorite cities on the planet!!!
Sure hope we can make it-
PS- don't forget we are hoping for international again in 2007 with Niagara Falls (close to our current home town :) ...I am planning the hor d'oerve get together at our place already!!!

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Stacy, you are a party girl...keep dancing. Bud

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I am so excited! I can go to the one in Nova Scotia!!!!!! I can't wait to see everyone. Wow, I am really happy that you chose a place so close to Maine!! YIPPEE

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Lisa Rose
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Taunya we look forward to meeting you this coming October in Halifax. Just get in your car and head east you can't miss us. See you in Halifax.

Andy & Lisa

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We're planning on bringing the family to the Halifax one! well at least my homeschooled kids! The rest will be at university. "Yikes!

So Lisa Rose.....how long of a drive is it from Thunder Bay? Do you know?

Totally psyched about this one. Better start saving the pennies.

peace, emily who's always wanted to go to Nova Scotia being the Scottish lass that she is! (married to a 1st gen. Canadian-American)

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Emily
It is roughly a 4 day drive from Thunder Bay. We so hope you and Art can make it. Halifax in October is beautiful. We are making plans to have a very nice program in place to show off the East Coast hospitality.

Andy & Lisa

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Durn Stacy, I don't remember whether I grew up hearing bass ackwards or *** backwards.......I guess I just resemble both remarks.

I will be at both 2006 Paloozas. Quite honestly, the idea of semi annual reunions was mine this past January. It was kind of a selfish motive since given my prognosis I wasn't sure if I would be healthy enough to wait an entire year to meet others on our wonderful board. Now that my health is doing just fine, I will not miss one anytime soon. I will hock some prized possessions to go, if necessary. THAT is how special the time is to me.

Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!!!

Austin in April of 2006, Nova Scotia in October of 2006, someplace warm in April of 2007 and then Viagra Falls in October of 2007.

If you play poker, it will only take me about 5 minutes to teach you how to play my favorite 3 card poker game. If you don't but enjoy cards, it will take all of 15 minutes. Let me know if you are interested.

Lisa P.

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Lisa

Mr Andy here. One thing you have to keep in mind before you come up here to Canada. The laws are not quite so liberal as they are some of the places we have been together. But don't worry I will help you stay out of trouble!!! Well maybe we can talk Kerry into bailing us out.

Andy & Lisa

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I'll be there guys!! Bail and all!!


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