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Faith Strengthened Through Cancer

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I'm having difficulty proving that cancer experiences can actually help strengthen people's faith in religion. Most of the survivors I know were already firm believers to begin with.

I was 10 when I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and I was a little unsure and shaky with my beliefs. When my doctor told me he'd have to amputate my leg, I, of course, was horrified. I worried that I'd never be able to lead a normal life again. That same day, I was walking along the Charleston Battery and seagull with only one leg landed right next to me. He flew off unaware of how different he was and the other gulls treated him no differently. From that day on, I firmly believed in God and knew that He was with me.

Do any of you have a similar experience in which you became closer to God or your religion than you were before?

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Hi Ann,
You are not alone-I've had several things in my life that have happened which made me believe.I don't know if this makes sense but it's like You know God is there but in Your everyday shuffle of activities You let Your mind be consumed with everything else but God-so it's as if he's there tapping You on the shoulder every now and again,trying to get Your attention.There is a difference in a pat and a tap-the pat is a gentle reminder the tap is it's time to pay attention.My last personal tap came when I found a lump in my right breast-I had skipped a year of getting a mammogram.I thought well it's just a cyst like before-but before I left the hospital that day I knew the Lord was with me because if that lump hadn't of come up I more than likely would not have went for that mammogram-The reason I say the Lord was with me is because they did find cancer that day but it was in the other breast and it was caught early.I guess we all need a gentle pat and sometimes a Tap to make us realize our lives are meant to be more purposeful than we can raise our conciousness to believe - so he keeps coming back-And I'm so glad!!!

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Wow! What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing. I too have had a similar experience. I am Catholic, but was not very involved. Through and after cancer, my faith has strengthened. Hope you have a good weekend. God bless.
-Michael (leukemia survivor)

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