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My mother has been fighting cancer for about 13 years now. She just recently started haveing trouble with swelling in her arms and legs. The swelling has gotten so severe that her legs have been put into casts and her left arm into a soft cast. I am concerned that maybe I should prepare myself for the worst. Any suggestions on the amount of time left? The doctors are not even sure. And how do I prepare to loose my mother while reassuring her that ill be ok?

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All you can do at this time is be there for her and encourage her. Tell her not to be scared and that no matter what you will be okay and you will make her proud. The most important thing is that you spend every free time you have with her and make it always fun and memorable. I too have lost my mother to ovarian cancer this year and I am having a real hard time comprehending life without my best friend.
I hope I make sense. May God bless you and your family.

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we look at life and understand as we grow up that life is a temp thing we learn from them and enjoy thing as they are here for a time that is set by God

from what i read not too much longer so hug her enjoy what she has to say and keep it in your Hart forever

we work threw life wanting more but getting what we do in life she is a good women seen by you type and you will go threw this as she asked you to do

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