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I am new to CSN - my mom was just diagnosed with Uterine Cancer

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Hello everyone. I am new to CSN and my mom was just diagnosed with Uterine Cancer 3 weeks ago. She is 1 week post-op from her hysterectomy. The surgeon was so sure that it was contained in her uterus but when she went back to the dr. last week, we were told that traces of the cancer were found in her pelvic lymph nodes. She should begin her radiation treatment at the end of this month whic she will do for 5 weeks and then a course of chemotherapy that will last 21 weeks (once/twice every 3 weeks). This was such a shock for us all. You see my dad passed away 7 yrs. ago from Melanoma and I never in my wildest dreams would have thought my family would be going through this again. I almost fell selfish to think that I can't go through this again and this makes me feel horrible when it is my mother who will be going through this horrible disease we call cancer. Could anyone out there explain the usage of this board and where to locate chat rooms etc. I have read many of your posts already and feel the closeness that each of you have towards each other.

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Hi moms. You must really be in shock. I am a uterine cancer survivor. First it is good to know what type of uterine cancer she has. Endometrial or Leiomyosarcoma. I had Leiomyosarcoma or LMS. I have had radiation treatment and chemo and am doing well 2 1/2 years after my diagnosis with no current evidence of disease. There are only 2 chat rooms. One or the other is going most of the time. They are not for any particular type of cancer. One way to find others is to go to Personal Web Pages, click on that and then put in the type of cancer and it will bring up the web pages of others with Uterine cancer. there are a lot more with endometrial than with LMS but you can then read peoples stories and e-mail them. Feel free to e-mail me here. I am Nanz1. I can certainly tell you what to expect from pelvic radiation and chemo. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. You've had enough of this already. don't feel selfish. No one wants to go thru this, not patients, not daughters, nobody. I'm sure you feel you can't to through this again. I'm sure though that coping one day at a time will help. Don't worry too far ahead.

How old are you? and your mom?


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