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I had all my lower teeth taken out prior to radiation. Surgery gave me the graft in the floor of my mouth. Anyone with any good news regarding getting teeth back in my mouth. Implants don't sound good and false teeth are concerning whether they would work or not. Help me if you can. Thanks phil

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Hi Phil, Sorry about your losing your teeth. I lost all my upper teeth due to radiation. I have implants and a denture. I was in the oxigen chamber prior to the implants to make sure the implants "took." I had a temporary denture first and then the permanent denture that attaches to the implants. The implants keep the denture in place and I can eat just about anything. My implants are not attached to teeth, just screws and those attach to the denture. It works well for me and haven't had any problems.

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Hi Phil, I had the samething done to me. I am looking at partials for myself. I figure the permenant with titatium screws would make me wait another 3 or 4 months for the gums to heal around the screws. But the partials would be less stress to me. Also just as good and at least can take them out to clean them. But the choice is up to you.

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