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Question on Post RP-DaVinci

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I'm 44 and having a DaVinci-RP on Dec 20. Wondering if someone
knows of the best pads to use after cath comes out? Also, do they show through pants etc. Don't plan on returning to work until first or second week in January, But I travel a lot for work, and wondering about the pad thing. i.e. lose pants, dark colors etc. Any advice? Thanks all.

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Good Luck with your coming surgery. After my catheter came out on day 21 post surgery, I began using Depends Guards for Men and I tried a couple of cheaper brands. The Depends are the best by far. You won't lose them in tight fitting jockey shorts. The minor bulk doesn't show through trousers and I never had a leakage on trousers. You may need pads only for a few days or weeks. Or pad usage could go on for a while. I started out using two per day.

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Thanks tpelle. Good information. Also thanks for the good luck wish. I appreciate it.

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How are you doing after the surgery? Hopefully all is going well for you.

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