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worried Pa surgery

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Well, I spoke with my pa tonight, he is not doing well. The Dr. is doing a ct on him tonight to make sure he is doing o:k in the abdomen. I am not sure if this is normal. The Dr. said he has an infection and they do know he has a UTI and that could have caused his WBC to elevate but they were going to do a ct of his abdomen to be certain. The Dr. also said that my pa was not doing as well as they would like him to be so , they were going to do a ct. Please keep him in you prayers. My pa is about 7 days post-op proctectomy/ileostomy

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Hi, I will say a prayer for your pa. 7 days is not really that long. I would give it more time before I got concerned. Maybe it just takes him longer then other people to recover. How old is your pa? Mindy

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My pa is 64 years old. We did get a preliminary report on the ct this morning, He may have a collection of fluid in the abdomen however they are waiting for final report. The Dr. will watch him closely. My Pa is not coming home anytime soon. My pa said today he is very depressed. I feel very helpless. I wish i could do more.

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I really feel for you. It is major surgery, takes time to recover, and sometimes there are complications (infections, etc). But it sounds like he is in good hands and the docs are keeping a close eye on him. I am sure you just want him to be able to come home! Best wishes.

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