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metas of Prostate cancer

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Message to nodawgs or anyone who has similar condition. I have metas since fall of 04. had a bone scan and it showed lower spine and several left and right ribs being impacted. Casodex only treatment. It is a year later I am now experiencing major discomfort in my left shoulder, Could you describe how and where your shoulder is being affected. I am not due to go for another bone scan for another month. If you have time please e-mail at:

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Sounds similar to my deal. However, the pain was in the right shoulder, but scans showed it was more than likely a tad of arthritus. I never knew I had arthritus, anywhere...and just presumed the pain was from metastases. Bone pain is a sharp, non-relenting pain, whereas mine was more like a flu-type pain...just annoying and very uncomfortable. For some reason, it just "went away" with no change in treatment.

I'm still on a Casodex-only regimen, but now have a major treatment addition since my PSA started climbing back in May. It's now over 54 and from prior tests, shows an exponential rise.

They started me on Zometa infusions during my last monthly visit. Zometa isn't chemo, but is IV-administered just like chemo. There are no side effects I can tell. Zometa supposedly disrupts the bone met process of breaking down and resorbing bone. It also builds dense bone matter and the pain should recede, whether it's of arthritic orgin or bone mets. Oddly enough, rheumatologists use Zometa for arthritus and osteoporosis. You might inquire about Zometa infusions. It's just a little needle stick and only takes about 15-minutes. If there are any side effects, I didn't experience them (I don't think).

Good luck on this. We're apparently rowing the same boat.

"Perry" aka nodawgs

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