How's everyone doing?

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Just wondered how the brainybunch is doing?
I'm doing very well at the moment and want to hug the rest of the world, starting with you guys. I was diagnosed with GBM grade IV in dec 04. I've had my rads and a cranio, no chemo as of yet. My scans have all been the same since RT, no regrowth! I initially had an eggsized tumour in my right frontal lobe. I have been off all my meds since end of April.
I know recurrence is a probability if not a certainty but at the moment I live life, feeling healthier than ever. Completed a 10k race a few weeks ago, didn't see that coming while learning to walk again not too long ago. Hugs all around. Jennie.


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    I think you are in the clear. I have 5 days left of rads and am on temodar, so who knows.