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Brain Tumor-Astrocytoma

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Is any one else a care giver of some one that had a Brain Tumor?

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my mother had cancer that spread to her brain. Anyway I can help I will. just ask.

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Hi, I haven't been on this site in a while. I am a caregiver to my, now 15 year old son. Who are you caring for and how are they doing?

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Timcoo, my wife had brain cancer and I was her caregiver for two years before it finally took her away from me and my kids. She was the toughist person I ever met,she fought this thing every day and never gave up right to the end. I did all I could to help her but I felt so frustrated at not being able to make it go away I was helpless to heal her and I was so proud of her strenght through the hole time. God gave her unbelivable positive attitude and she never gave up!She went through all the meds,radiation, chemo and fought it till the end. there is always hope don't ever give up keep helping and fighting this nasty thing someday they will beat it. God Bless you keep your chin up! Chaz

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