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Post Chemo Fatigue

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Hi there. My 67 year old Dad is currently being treated for nsclc with carbo and taxol. One week post chemo he was fine, week two was terrible. He was extremely tired and this has been for the last five days. He is eating but we are also giving him Boost (supplements in can) with his meals. His blood counts were really low (neutrophils were .20 on Friday). Anyways we are wondering how long this lasts and why the fatigue is so bad, is this normal? Has anyone else had similar experiences with high levels of fatigue? My Dad has been getting up for meals and that is it for the last 5 days. Any info. would help. Thanks

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Hi again, I, also, was 67 when I was diagnosed with nsclc, and started treatment. I had neoadjuvent (concurrent) chemo and radiation. The chemo really wiped me out, as far as energy goes. I experienced a lot of nausea, also. I was in about the same boat as your dad. The chemo kills cells, not just cancer cells. Oversimplified, that means that the chemo attacks most/all the cells in the body, and the "trick" is to give just enough to get rid of the cancer without doing too much damage to the patient. My experience was that soon after the chemo was finished, I started to regain my strength. Chemo does beat the patient down, but that is normal, and better days are ahead. Ernie

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Hello...I finished chemo about one month ago and am finally re-gaining my energy. Chemo makes the patient MORE than tired...it made me feel totally exhausted and I could do very little during the first three of four doses.

Your Dad may also have a little bit of depression mixed it and that adds to the fatique.

He MAY need some injections after the chemo to boost his blood counts and help his recovery.

All the best,


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Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated. In fact my father's energy is just starting to perk up again and he seems like his usual self, still tired but not as bad. He is losing his hair which is emotionally difficult for me. He looks great otherwise, has a great color and healthy appetite. His next chemo is this Tuesday. He receives his chemo every three weeks, so far so good and we are keeping our fingers crossed but most importantly praying a lot. His white blood cell count went back up so we should be on board for next week. Hopefully this time around his reaction isn't so bad.

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