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48 hour chemo

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Hi everyone,
I am starting chemo on Wednesday and will be on it for 48 hours and then have to go back to the onc's office to be unhooked. Please tell me what to expect. Will I be restricted in any way in what I can do during those 48 hours?
Thank You,

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For my preop chemo I was hooked up for 6 out of 7 days. I wore the chemo pump on a fanny pack and a big sweatshirt to hide the pack.
I worked everyday and had no lmitations. To take a shower I put the pack on the floor outside the shower.

Good luck, I will be thinking of you.


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I used the pump throughout my 12 cycles of chemo. Is it an inconvience? Yeah, but it didn't stop me from going to work everday. Once you do it you'll quickly learn it's really no big deal. You just have to adjust...

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