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Need your support

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My girlfriend just told me that her mother has been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer following a leprotomy. I am in the US away from her and very worried about her mother. The Biopsy results show that the cancer is at stage 3c (T3c N1 M0).

After some googling I found out that only about 40-50 percent women survive beyond 5 yrs with ovarian cancer and the median is around 2 years. Is that true?

If Chemotherapy is pursued what are the chances that she will either be cured or the spread controlled? Are there women who underwent chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and are totally cured or have it under control?

Please answer even if briefly so. I am not looking for expert medical opinion but for some outlook to prepare myself for any bad news. Thanks.


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Zeeshan,there is always support and help.A lot depends on the type of ovarian cancer and the type of person her mother is.There are no guarantees,I have been told my wife only has 1.5-2 yrs left but that could be less or could be more.Chemo may work,loads of things may work,best thing to do is ask for help and it will come,dont be afraid to ask.
Prayers and good wishes to you all
Jonny B

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If you really want the truth, it's not a pretty picture, but yes there are complete cures. Not many but there is a few that will fall in that percentage. Your friends Mother can be in that percentage. Don't give up! Learn as much as you can so it will help you understand what she will be going through. (Physically and Emotionally) The cell type does make a difference. I have a very rare cell type of Epithelial, that is generally more aggressive. Percentage wise, I have a 15 to 30% chance of living 5 years, but I can fall in that 15 to 30%. You must feel really close to your friends Mom so just be there for her as much as possible. I wish you all the best. Paula

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The stats are just stats. Stage 3c just means it's left the ovaries to other areas. I have a double experience with stage 3c, grade3 cancer. My sister will be celebrating 5 years cancer free in January adn she was 3c,3. I am almost a 3 year survivor inspite of no real remission. There are so many more treatments now and depending on how invasive the cancer a lot of success stories of stage3c ovarian cancer. So please don't be discourage from the statistics.

Prayers adn Hugs BonnieRose

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I am also a 3C ovarian cancer survivor, in complete remission for the second time in 4 yrs., 5 mos. (total) This is an amazing gift, to have another view to life and living. I guess I'll never know the old normal again, but the odds are pretty good that I'll outlive the predicted 5 years. I think there's something to be said for wanting to survive and doing everything possible to stay healthy. Many alternative therapies can provide hope and increase quality of life. Belleruth Naparstek has an excellant tape for guided imagery for people with cancer...it was extremely helpful to my state of mind during chemo, especially, giving me a sense of being able to do Something. Praying for your friends mom will help too. All good wishes!

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Just reading all these words of comfort from so many people feeds my current supply of hope and courage! So, as you can see, you have come to the right place for hugs and words of wisdom. I'll be praying for your friend's mother, but also for her whole family and YOU too! How wonderful that you are searching on her behalf. What a good friend you are!

Everyone who has responded to you has so much to offer. It is definitely a combination of MANY factors. So, rather than looking at the 'statistics' right now, put some trust in the doctors, and look 'up above' for the rest of your trust and hope. Believe me, faith has a great influence on not just the outcome, but the journey. Please tell your friend the same.

Prayers for all of you.

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I am also stageIIIc, It would have been 2 yrs Thanksgiving,but on Halloween I found out it was back,but a positive attitude is very very important. It is a fight! I will have out patient surgery Nov. 11 and then as for now there will be no chemo (halleluiah) he will send the section to California to research and then I will take Tamoxifen or another drug. I will see my doctor Tues. and I have a lot of questions.
I have found you have to really be pro active with your doctor or I do.There is a web page that is great it is www.Knowthecause it has a lot of good information.

God Bless, Jan

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Hello I wanted to reply to your message even though I don't/didn't have the same kind of cancer or at least not the same stage. Mine was stage 1C and it's been 11yrs now.
I think you're a wonderful person for asking for help and I send you and your friend HUGS and Prayers.
Keep us posted on how your friends mom is doing. Tell her to keep fighting and learning. NEVER be afraid to ask questions or to ask for a second opinion.
Take care!!

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